MK Big Thunder Mountain Queue/Area Music Help


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According to the Digital Disney site, I got the following order so far for the Big Thunder Mountain Area Music Loop located in Frontierland at the Magic Kingdom @ WDW:

Time: 19:55

1.Old Yeller*
2.Pecos Bill
3.Old Betsy
4.There is a Taver in the Town*
5.Roamin' the Lawless West
6.Buffalo Girls
7.Big Rock Candy Mountain 1 (violin version)
8.Hand Me Down My Walking Cane*
10.West of the Wide Missouri
11.All Aboard the Mine Train
12.California Gold
13.Big Rock Candy Mountain 2 (piano version)*
14.Saloon Willy

Does anyone have any of the songs that have an * next to them AND does anyone know the 2 songs that have a ? mark next to them.

Any help would be great


Re:MK Big Thunder Mountain Queue/Area Music

I think that number 9 is "There's No Place Like Home" but I can't be sure. I have a LIVE version of the loop (19:55) and the quality is so-so.