Mineral King Demos


I just heard the Country Bear show demos from Disney's unbuilt Mineral King ski Lodge. They have Phil Harris as Henry.

They are really great (a little chessy on first listen but they grow on you) Phil Harris is always good but I feel like he puts a little too much of a Hipster spin on Henry and doesnt sound entirely comfortable or prepared for the song...of course he WAS the character before Peter Renoudet stepped in, and these are just demos.

What I want to know is, beside these 2 songs (Bear band Serinade and Teddy Berra's Cuddlesome, Bubblesom Bear-great!) Are there any other tracks floating around out there? Did they do the whole show in Demo form?? Or even one or two other songs?

And if so, does somone have a track list of these songs.

Thanks for your time!