Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland

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Can anyone tell me about the audio for the old Mine Train Thru Nature's Wonderland. The only piece I'm familiar with is the bit of narration that was released on DL Forever. I have seen a list of tracks for several additional things such as various animal sounds, music for the Rainbow Caverns, and something labeled Storyteller Narration with a running time of 17:46. What I'm wondering is if there was a Storyteller record that perhaps this stuff originated with. Is that possible? The list also has several pieces from the town of Rainbow Ridge. I know the town has audio now that it's part of Big Thunder but I wasn't aware that it did in it's previous incarnation. Any info?
Here's the story for the Mine Train thru Nature's Wonderland:
The narration released on the forever system is the complete narration as heard from the train. This could be turned off if the cast member wanted to give a live narration (which was an option). There is also the Rainbow Ridge music which was a short track that continuously looped inside the "caverns." There is also sound effects that came from some of the animals. There is no Storyteller album made for this attraction. What you heard is taken from a TV show. This narration is not the same as the attraction's. Also, I've heard a lengthy narration giving the entire history of the attraction and Walt's interest in the subject. This particular recording was made as a training tape for cast members. As far as the town audio, The Mine Train had different (and less) audio than what is used in Big Thunder today. For the Big Thunder town audio, LOTS of material was recorded. I almost forgot!... There is also a Barker track for Nature's Wonderland. Big Thunder is fun, but Nature's Wonderland was amazing! Hope this info helps...
The Town of Rainbow Ridge featured SFX and music and voices from these buildings

PAT CASEYS SALOON (piano music, quartet, brawl fight,shoot-out)
HOTEL(snoring miner.same as Refus the Bear.originaly recorded for the Snow White (film)
DENTIST(painful tooth drilling)
CHURCH(church bell ringing)

recorded narration(demo??.....Rex Allen)
recorded naration (DL Forever...Dallas McKennon)

mass amounts of animal sfx
wind canyon sfx
teetering rock sfx
Rainbow Canverns music (Rainbow Mt. Mine train)
" " (Nature's Wonderland version)

The "barker" mentioned in the previous post was done for the 1956 pre-Nature's Wonderland version

***** The TV song wriiten by the sherman brothers for Mine Train Tru Nature's Wonderland......is featured in the load depot of Big Thunder Mt. as a salute to what was once there.


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The track for the Rainbow Ridge Hotel is a man snoring and it sounds very much like the Rufus snoring track from DL Forever. I assume from it's years of animation Disney had several feet of recordings of people snoring. Are these the same sounds and did they play at the same time within the park?