Mike on Nightline March 3, 2004



Some of you on the west coast might still be able to catch this. Ted Koppel interviewed Mike Eisner live on Nightline this evening. He also devoted some time to Roy and Stanley (recorded earlier...HOW CONVENIENT!). That ABC is owned by Disney makes the entire thing a bit dubious, but Koppel asked the necessary questions which Michael generally avoided. "I'm not going to argue point for point" was repeated a few times. My favorite quote was that "in 2001 after 9/11, things happened" to explain Roy and Stanley's discontentment. How did such an inarticulate clod rise to such heights?!

Mike also said that most people think they've got a great management and that everything is great. Well then....what are the 43% discontent with, Mike?

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Yes that seems to be his catch all response, "No you're wrong,". On Larry King when the caller said they thought there wasn't enough to do at DCA for the price, he told the caller he disagreed. We're wrong and he's right. Way to gain support Mikey.

Jessica L

What gets me is that it's always about what the shareholders think. Like, when people ask about the crummy quality of the parks - it's not that "oh we should make them nicer so more people come, and thus improve our income" - it's always that same response "we've spent more than our shareholders would probably want" like he used on Larry King. And apparently that makes it okay.

Yes, I am a shareholder, but I am also a fan - a fan who wants to see the magic upheld not torn apart just for the sake of saving more money. Eisner doesn't get it - it's not only about making shareholders happy (which he can't do anyway!) - it's also about making the fans happy - the consumers who are putting their money into the company.

Okay, my rant's done - I'm just getting sick of all the spin doctoring going on... enough is enough! :-


David S.

All of the things you've all mentioned annoyed me too. He says Roy and Stanley's concerns are false but "I'm not going to spend the time refuting them point by point". How convenient! I guess we'll have to take Mikey on his word that he is right then - NOT!

What ticked me off too was how he kept spinning it that the 43% were upset the most because the roles of CEO and Chairman were not split. Now that they've done that, and his puppet Mitchell has been given the other position, I guess he wants us to believe that all our concerns have been addressed and everything now will be just peachy! Again, just a total lack of respect this man shows for the company's consumers/fans AND shareholders.

And he also says he intends on staying on as CEO until his contract ends in 2006. URGH! As I said in another thread, if he had a morsel of integrity he would hear the mandate of the people and RESIGN NOW. It looks like Roy and Stanley's work is not over because Eisner is going to have to be forced out.


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Yeah I like what he said about the shareholders too. His hands are tied because the shareholders already think he spends too much on the parks. What kind of a leader is he? If the parks are losing money because they aren't being properly invested in, isn't it HIS job to make the shareholders understand that more needs to be spent? Poor Mikey, he's such a victim.


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At R&S's rally, they SAID he was gonna spin. They SAID they would probably take him out of the Chairman position on the board, but that wouldn't be good enough.

He'll be gone. Give him time. Hell, if nothing else, his ego won't accept NOT being Chairman of the Board .


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Yeah I think his ego will get the better of him too. I'm not too business savvy, but as I understand it Chairman of the Board is technically higher than CEO right? So if someone needs to make an appearance on a Disney TV show, or at the latest park opening, shouldn't it be Mitchell? They can't both go.


It's hard to think that Mitchel is anything more than a puppet. I've only heard other POLITICIANS endorse his positive attributes. We all know how trustworthy they are! I'm hoping that they are trying this out to see if it placates enough shareholders to stop the flood of complaints... and when it doesn't they will be forced to drop them both! ;D
In the mean time we get to watch a wounded dog chase its own tail.
Hope the fans don't sufer long.