Mickey's Magical Party CD [2009] [DLRP]


This week Disneyland Paris released a new CD with simply this year's theme as its title, Mickey's Magical Party. The catalog number is EDDA039-2.


Here is the track listing:

It's Party Time with Mickey and Friends
01 - Mickey's Magical Party Time - Instrumental (04:08)
02 - Following the Leader (01:50)
03 - The Bare Necessitities (01:52)
04 - Tigger Medley (01:32)
05 - Hakuna Matata (01:44)
06 - Peter Pan Medley (01:50)
07 - Mickey - Final (01:00)

08 - La Fête Magique de Mickey - French Version (03:46)
09 - Mickey's Magical Party Time - Version Main Street USA (01:45)
10 - Mickey's Magical Party Time - Remix (06:10)

It's Dance Time... in Discoveryland
11 - He's A Pirate - Remix (05:38)

12 - The Hill Billy Trio (03:33)
13 - The African Tam Tam (05:00)
14 - Once Upon A Time, Sleeping Beauty (12:50)

Please note that all tracks from It's Party Time with Mickey and Friends are instrumental, no character voices, annoucements or whatsoever are included. I can't seem to figure out why track 12 and 13 are featured on this CD, but since it's a DLP-release you can expect anything. Track 14 on the other hand is very welcome since we got the entire soundtrack of the Once Upon a Time with Sleeping Beauty show that is performed in the Castle Courtyard. Also note, 'Dancin' a Catchy Rhythm' is not featured on this disc! :p


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Oh great. I was there a couple of weeks ago as well.
What's the point in releasing it at the end of the high season. :p
Typical of DLRP.


eyore, I think they did that just because it's so popular? My thought
Didn't they recently release a CD titled "Mickey's Magical Party Time" (EDDA038-2)? How does this new release differ from the previous one?


Nevermind. I found out the answer myself. The previous release was just the theme song and featured 3 tracks. More info here:

Mickey's Magical Party Time!


Nice to see a Disney resort that actually releases their music for purchase, pretty consistently... Disneyland CA take note.


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Nice to see a Disney resort that actually releases their music for purchase, pretty consistently... Disneyland CA take note.

Well, it's kind of a mixed bag actually. Although Disneyland doesn't release much of it's entertainment offerings, it trumps DLP in the attraction audio department. DLP releases most of the entertainment, but they often botch it up with poor editing and inconsistencies, and then release repeat material over and over and OVER again. Plus, they have no interest in releasing attraction audio, so we must put up with the sparse and poorly edited stuff they release every so often.

No other park upsets me with their CD releases like DLP does.


Well, I can tell you that no park/resort upsets me more than Disneyland Resort does when it comes to what they do not release but should - their entertainment music.

I'm all for attraction audio - and I TRULY appreciate all Randy has done concerning all the great attraction music and Disneyland compilations and official albums - but I am someone who personally would love to be able to officially purchase more than just Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and official albums when I go into the 20th Century Music Shop on Main Street. And after having spent plenty of time in Disneyland and that shop (and more) in particular, I know I'm not the only one who feels that way.
So, I have to give Disneyland Resort Paris major props for doing what they do, even if it is not perfect.

ps. Again, I want to stress how much I truly appreciate Randy Thornton and his incredible work on all that he has done and given us. I do enjoy attraction music very much. But naturally, I'm an entertainment 'goob', and wish Disney would get their stuff together when producing and recording their entertainment music so we all could enjoy it outside the parks like the beautiful soundtracks to Mansion and Pirates and so on. And after having chatted with Randy about it several times before, I do understand it is out of his control. Hopefully one of these days whoever does have that control will get the message that people want that parade and show music too. :wacko: