Mickey's Audition?

Dr. Know

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I read on Sound of Magic that Bruce Broughton composed original music for Mickey's Audition, part of the MGM Studio Tour... Does anyone have any more specific information on this? Is it a film? What is the music like?


I know this one!

Mickey's Audition was a live-action short that played in the Main Street Cinema for a brief period in the mid-90's. Roy Disney (the living one...lol) played Walt. It was ridiculous. The old cinema set-up was much better, in my opinion.

The music wasn't memorable, either.

I'm sure that Mickey's Audition is someone's favorite Disney accomplishment somewhere---please don't hate me for this review! :)
I forgot to mention--

What was it like? It was similar to Who Framed Roger...live-action with the mouse thrown in.

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Jeff in NY