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Im trying to put together a CD of the Mickey Mouse Revue, but one of my avenues just dried up (a word of advise, if you are looking for tracks from the MMR do NOT get an old album called Mickey Mouse: This is My Life-it has pictures of The MMR all over it but one speck of its music appears on record itself :( )

So beside the TDL CD my friend is picking up for me Im stuck unless someone can point me in the right direction to finding some of the tracks for this show.

Thank you in advance for your time!
Yeah...why did they take it out anyway?

Paul Anderson told me that the waiting area was significantly smaller than the number of seats in the theatre...making it appear like it was not a popular attraction.

It is hard to believe that it was removed. It was a timeless attraction that I would have thought would age well. When I was at the MK earlier this month my mind was flooded with all of the attractions that I loved that were just taken out and never replaced. This frame of mind is easy to reach when I begin to consider that there seems to be less to do at the MK every time that I visit.

Interestingly, the MMR closed only a month or so after the one and only time that I got to experience it. I had hoped that I could take my small children to see it when we went in 1988, however, by then it was long gone.


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P.S. Disney Bean Counter,

The reason that was given was that Tokyo insisted that their Magic Kindgom have a Mickey Mouse Revue or it was no deal. So rather than delay the park opening and create one for Tokyo, the company just removed it from Disney World, shipped it to Tokyo, and re-recorded the vocals in Japanese. :mad:


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I only got to see the MMR once in WDW (Feb. 1979). By the time I got back in 1983, it was already long gone. It was WONDERFUL to see it again at TDL in 1994. I have the video I made of it somewhere, but it's still packed .



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Wow, Chris! Great paint job! How old were you when you did that?

At least you didn't paint that on the outside of a daycare center...


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And crap, I bought the Mickey Mouse This is Your Life LP hoping that the MMR tracks would be there. I haven't had it converted yet, but I guess I won't bother now.

I do have all of the Tokyo Disneyland tracks, but would also love the complete show in English.
The entire show is not on the "It's your life" LP? I've never listened to it but I found it sealed and bought it hoping I could eventually transfer it to CD. I'm looking at the track listing right now and it appears that the entire SIDE 2 is The Mickey Mouse Revue. It lists: When You Wish Upon a Star, Whistle While You Work, Heigh-ho, the Three Caballeros, All in the Golden Afternoon,So thi is Love, and Zip-a-dee-doo-dah.
You mean that this is not the entire show? Why would they dedicate an entire SIDE 2 to this show and then edit it? That's too bad. Can someone tell me what has been edited? Thanks :)


Yeah, those are not the park tracks from MM Revue on the LP "Mickey Mouse, This is Your Life". They are the recordings from various Disney sources and soundtracks. "All in the Golden Afternoon" is the Darlene Gillespie version which is beautiful and very close to what was heard in the attraction. Even though it's not the attraction tracks, it's a pleasant album to listen to. The narrative is interesting and the music is very good.


Thanks, Ben. I was around 13 when I painted the wall. Yes, good thing I stayed away from Daycare centers! ha!

Below you can see a few photos of the scenes I painted on wood a few years back for outside the house at Christmas time. Cinderella has crushed glass glued to her dress for the sparkle effect. At one point I lifted her by the head, and because her dress was so heavy, her head broke off. ;D

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......Many other attractions were considered to be sent to Tokyo Disneyland (as in the American existing ones ...not duplicates.) "America Sings". and yes, "If You Had Wings" were considered to be re-located to Japan. The "Mickey Mouse Revue" in WDW was plagued by the fact that the pre-show area was much smaller than the actual presentation theater....giving the impression that the show was not well attended. One of the founders of The Oriental Land Co. was in Love with the "Mickey Mouse Revue" .......and a good deal of merchandise was produced including an 18 pience ceramic series of figures from the attraction!. A series of posters were done featuring the painted MM "statues". Also several tin trays and wall plaques were aslo done for the attraction in Tokyo. An actual stero album was announced to be made available to WDW guests back in 1972.........and for whatever reason the Mickey Mouse this is your life take was done instead. Other albums that were never relaesed but planned included "Liberty Square Fife & Drum" , "The Dapper Dans" and a Bay Lake water Ski show. The WDW Adventureland Steel Drum band WAS issued and can be very difficult to obtain (WDW WE-3, 1976) .

Ok.sorry to ramble on ...but maybe next time you can hear about the long defunct plans to bring the Carrousel of Progress from wdw back to Disneyland.(The Century of Progress, 1984 featuring the "new" song "Here Comes Tomorrow" )........ or the Disneyland "Main Street Optical Cine-Magic Theater Palace (whew!! that's a marquee!!) featuring "Magic Jouney's 3-D" ...............OR "The Mickey Mouse Revue" being the hallmark attraction at Disneyland's "Mickey's Hollywoodland"..........Next time.


Wow! I didnt know so many people loved this attraction!

Very cool. Its one of the Disney attractions I unfortunatly missed. Its too bad that they never released the tracks for this, like the 20,000 Leagues attraction I have no idea what this attraction SOUNDED like. You would have thought that they would have released it on WDW Forever before they got rid of THOSE too :( Even though Im a west coast Disneyland boy (and still fuming about the removal of the Country Bear show to put in Winnie the Pooh-on-my-Shoe) its really too bad that they dont release the tracks for the extinct attractions of BOTH parks. WDW has some really great rides that DL will never have. And I find it hard to believe that Disney would pass up on this financial opportunity :)

Also, Chris Im curious, what is this Ovation release you were talking about? Do you think it would still be available?

Im sorry to anyone (like myself) who bought This is My Life...Its seems lame to me that they would release such a MMR-centric album that has no music from the attraction...doesnt it? Even at the beginning of the second side the narrator says that Mickey has his own show and here is a part of it...then procedes to play the tracks from the movie soundtracks instead, grrr! ;)


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Although Disney was notorious for doing that in the days of LP...

Many of the albums featured cover versions, or studio recordings, so that they sounded "better" than the original soundtracks. I guess at the time, they figured nobody would know the difference, or care.

David S.

>>>Wow! I didnt know so many people loved this attraction!>>>

Mickey Mouse Revue is my ALL TIME favorite Disney theme park attraction. Followed very closely by It's A Small World, Enchanted Tiki Room (original show), Country Bear Jamboree, America Sings, and Peter Pan's Flight.

In EPCOT my favorites include the ORIGINAL Journey Into Imagination, El Rio Del Tiempo, and Kitchen Kabaret.

Yes, I absolutely love the GOLDEN AGE of attractions from the 60's/early 70's Marc Davis era (and those inspired by the style of attractions from that era) that featured extensive use of Audio Animatronics (either in a show or ride-through), large, lavish, colourful sets, extremely catchy music, and a healthy dose of charm or "cuteness" factor.

Catching up on some old posts, it looks like more and more people are expressing similar sentiments, which is good to see.


PS. GREAT artwork, Chris!