Mickey Mania Parade


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I was searching for the audio tracks for the WDW MK Mickey Mania Parade and came across Tokyo Disneyand's Mickey Mania Parade on 20th Century Best Tokyo Disneyland. It's in English. Other than a referrence to Tokyo Disneyland is this the same parade?


Very similar. I can't really notice much in the way of the actual music, but the lead vocals are different (sounds like the same performer, perhaps a different recording session). Also, the introduction dialogue has several differences, such as references to the Magic Kingdom and Max (from Goof Troop) replacing Roger Rabbit's banter with Goofy.

If you're a completist, the Tokyo track doesn't quite cut it (although RedDotNet thought no one would notice as this is the version they included on the Walt Disney World Forever systems, Tokyo references intact). :rolleyes: