Mexican and Foreign Disney Soundtrack CDs


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I know that this topic has been talked about before. I am referring to a topic posted a while ago about the mexican and other foreign versions of the Disney classic soundtrack CDs. I was told that unlike the American versions, these foreign editions contained the complete background scores to the films while the American versions leave out some of the pieces of the scores.

Could anyone tell me where I can find the Mexican and other foreign versions of these CDs? If possible, I would like to buy them from an online retailer in the USA that may have them as imports. Or, if I had to buy them from a place out of the US, I'm hoping that the retailer will make it easy for me to pay for them, because you know how different countries handle money in different ways.

Could someone please let me know how I can go about this? Thank you very much.

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I can only add 2 bits of info. First, some non-us versions of the Lion King have one extra score track and Tarzan have different "pop" version of Son of Man.

Thats all I got! :D



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If it's the "Classic Soundtrack Series" specifically you're asking about, I'm pretty sure those are identical to the US releases. Those were done by Randy and were restored, so there wouldn't have been different score included in one and not the other. Even the Pinocchio CSS disc that was only released in Japan was just the same restored version that Randy had done a few years was just the cover art that changed.

As for the non CSS soundtracks, Bill and Caitlin are right, there have been a few, but it's not widespread.