Meet Me Down on Main Street record question


Side One
1. Meet Me Down On Main Street
2. Beautiful Dreamer
3. Way Down Yonder In the Cornfield
4. Nellie Bly
5. The Old Oaken Bucket
6. De Camptown Races

Side Two
1. Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming
2. I Want a Girl
3. Sweet Genevieve
4. Sweet Adeline
5. Seeing Nellie Home
6. In the Evening By the Moonlight
Steve, I was going to reply to you when I got home from work and was able to check my album, but it looks like Randy beat me to it. This is one of my favorite Disney LP's, as I'm a huge fan of the one and only Thurl Ravenscroft--this recording is such a great representation of all the wonderful music that Thurl and the Mellowmen have given us over the years, Thurl in particular. It's just amazing how often his voice can be heard in numerous Disney, and non-Disney recordings(and most of the time, uncredited!). This particular LP is an example of a recording I was hoping would make it into Randy's Archive Series which was unfortunately discontinued. I'm still trying to find a better grade LP than mine--it doesn't seem to come up too often on ebay. The title song was included in the Legacy in Song 3-CD set, but I would certainly love to have the entire album on CD, as well as other Disney LP's such as this--anyone else interested? Michael.