"Mary Poppins Special Edition Soundtrack" Released on 11/16

I figured I'd stop the speculating, and once again break my rule about posting playlists, as this is just too good to keep to myself an longer.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, Disc 1 of this new release is the soundtrack (leaving only 8 seconds to spare on the disc), and Disc 2 holds all the bonus materials ? Including excerpts of the original story meetings with P.L. Travers, Don DiGradi, and the Sherman Brothers ? complete with never-before heard song demos.

You will notice that I have indicated which tracks are new with a ? and which tracks have additional material added to them with a *. This will also appear on the outside packaging as well.

So, here we go ?

DISC ONE ? The Soundtrack (1:19:52)

1. Buena Vista Fanfare :)08) ?
2. Overture (2:58)
3. One Man Band :)56) ?
4. Sister Suffragette (1:43)
5. The Life I Lead (2:00)
6. The Perfect Nanny (1:38)
7. Air Mail ? Admiral Boom ? The Not-So-Perfect Nannies ? Mary Poppins Arrives (3:06) ?
8. A Spoonful of Sugar (4:07)
9. Pavement Artist (2:06) *
10. Jolly Holiday (5:22) *
11. Jolly Holiday (Reprise) (1:05) ?
12. Penguin Dance (2:20) ?
13. The Carousel Horses (4:17) ?
14. Supercailfragilisticexpialidocious (2:00)
15. Pavement Artist (Reprise) (1:01) *
16. Stay Awake (1:43)
17. Trouble at Uncle Albert?s (1:41) ?
18. I Love to Laugh (2:42)
19. A British Bank (The Life I Lead) (2:06)
20. Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) (3:49)
21. Father?s Footsteps (1:17) ?
22. Fidelity Fiduciary Bank (3:31)
23. Panic at the Bank (2:12) ?
24. Chim Chim Cher-ee ? March Over the Rooftops (6:19) *
25. Step In Time (8:41)
26. A Man Has Dreams (The Life I Lead / A Spoonful of Sugar) (4:27)
27. Mr. Banks Is Discharged (4:46) ?
28. Let?s Go Fly a Kite (1:48)

? = New Track
* = Includes Additional Material

DISC 2 ? Bonus Material (1:14:43)

1 ? 21 The Mary Poppins Story Meeting Excerpts (41:05) ?

1. Cherry Tree Lane
2. Mr. Banks Decided to Hire a Nanny Himself
3. The Children Write Their Own Advertisement
4. The Line of Applicants and Mary Poppins Arrives
5. Notes on Mary Meeting the Banks
6. Up to the Nursery
7. Bert and the Talking Pictures
8. A Carousel Horse Ride to the Seashore
9. The Return Home
10. The Next Morning We Meet the Sweep
11. Uncle Albert?s
12. A Change in the Wind and an Adventure with Admiral Boom
13. The Bird Woman
14. Mr. Banks and the Compass
15. The Compass Sequence: Timbuktu
16. The Compass Sequence: The Land of Sand
17. The Compass Sequence: Tea In China
18. The Compass Sequence: The North Pole
19. The Return Home
20. Everyone Descends on Cherry Tree Lane
21. Mary Departs

22. Hollywood Spotlight Microphone (17:24) ?

Dick Tufeld interviews the stars, composers, and musical director for Mary Poppins (c. 1964)
Julie Andrews
Dick Van Dyke
Richard M. Sherman
Robert B. Sherman
Irwin Kostal

23. The Sherman Brothers Reminisce About Their Work On Mary Poppins (16:05)

So, mark your calenders for November 16th!

Randy Thornton
Whew--I'm still all verklempt from Jodi Benson--and now this!!!

I can't wait to see what'll happen to me when your Disneyland set comes round, if this is an example of what you've been up to--wow!

Thank you for the heads-up,



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A wonderful edition, thanks from Italy! I'll buy it immediatly. In my dreams a similar Cd for Bedknobs and broomsticks


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Fabulous news, although I was hoping the "intermission" music that was recently found would be on the CD, but great news anyway. Hopefully the original intermission will be included on the new DVD.

One question Randy - on the "Carousel Horses" track, will that include the "Fox Hunt" and "Racetrack" music?

Okay one more - will "Panic at the Bank" include all the music up to "Chim Chim Cher-ee"?

Either way, I still on planning buying the CD the day it hits the stores!!!



Very much looking forward to this release. It sounds like it will be great. Thanks for giving us the preview, Randy.

I too was hoping for "Intermission" music or additional orchestra sessions and music on disc 2, but I am grateful for the additional music tracks on the first disc.
Thanks Chris! I think this release is going to be one of those essential cornerstone pieces of a Disney music collection. I thought it was only going to be released through the Disney Stores--maybe I misunderstood! Thanks again for the link!

Very cool about the Buena Vista fanfare........I've always liked how they change that music from movie to movie...........one could do a whole CD of Buena Vista

- " a new view in sound......."

1) BV FF "Computer Wore Tennis Shoes" 1969
2) BV FF "Hot Lead & Cold Feet" 1978
3) BV FF "Charlie and the Angel" 1973
4) BV FF "Snowball Express" 1972
5) BV FF "Herbie The Love Bug" 1969
6) BV FF "The Barefoot Executive" 1972


I'm glad to see Irwin Kostal's interview on Disc 2. I had the opportunity to meet Richard Sherman during the Heartland Film Festival's 40th Anniversary screening of Mary Poppins but didn't have the opportunity to ask him about his involvement with the scoring of the film during the Q&A session. (It was fun, though, to sing along during the screening with the karaoke version of the movie -- lyrics on the screen -- and to hear Richard himself at the piano, playing and singing. I wish he had sung It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow.)

I'll be curious to find out if the segue between 'Chim Chim Cher-ee'/'March Over the Rooftops' and 'Step in Time' is seamless as in the movie and what the new material is in 'Pavement Artist' and 'Jolly Holiday'. Thanks so much, Randy, for including 'One Man Band', 'Uncle Albert', 'Penguin Dance', and 'Carousel Horses'. These are great tracks. Thanks, also, for being an advocate of this group.

X-S Tech

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For those of you scoring at home, this means that the Disney parks and Stores should get these by, oh, say mid February.


Yes, stop that drooling. Only neat little boys and girls will get to purchase the CD on Tuesday. ;)

AND... on Tuesday it will be only one month until the 40th Anniversary DVD will be released!!! It's been a long time wishing for it and it's finally coming true! That will be so much fun. ;D ;D ;D


As I write this, I am listening to the last instrumental cut on the new MARY POPPINS CD. It's that scene where Mr. Banks goes out alone, sees the Bird Woman, and is fired from the bank. Now the wind is changing and Mary Poppins is about to leave.
I had to write in because listening to this new edition is such an emotional experience for me, it almost moves me to tears. All the songs are complete. Randy chose absolutely the best underscore sections and I can't even put into words how amazingly a listening experience this is. I've owned every version of the Mary Poppins soundtrack and have been listening to one form or another since 1965. This new CD set is indeed a remarkable acheivement. The second CD is great too, because you get to listen in on a story session with the Shermans, Travers and DaGradi. It makes it all come to life, as if you're right there with them. Then there's the Dick Tufeld interview in which the stars and music staff say things I never heard before. Most interesting to me was Julie Andrews quizzing the Shermans about "Spoonful of Sugar" when she knew perfectly well why it was added to the film (how Mary Poppins of her)! You can hear the Shermans explain what happened to "The Eyes of Love" in the final section, which has been on every CD but I still listen to it every time. Another interesting note: during the interview, Dick Van Dyke is absolutely positive that Poppins will come to Broadway! This is an important and not-to-be-missed treasure from the tireless efforts of Randy Thornton. Thanks, Randy!
They were selling copies of it today at the 20th Century Music Store on Main Street today... Thats where I picked up my copy...

Randy, many personal thanks... The soundtrack is amazing, and you truly did it justice by bringing it to us complete. Thank you so much. It also brought a little tear to my eye.