Mary Poppins Soundtrack Vocal Question

Danny Love

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Hope everyone has their copy of the NEW 2-Disc soundtrack by now. I would like to compliment Randy Thornton on his unmatchable efforts to bring this material into our personal collections. The Sherman Brothers must very proud.

Having listened to the CD a few times over, let me see if anyone can answer this question/identify the vocal performer. Take a listen to track 11: the Jolly Holiday (Reprise), and focus on those Penguin Waiters. Their lyrical response to Mary's order begins:
Penguin 1: Order what you will,
Penguin 2: There'll be no bill,
Penguin Chorus: It's comp-li-mentary!

That Second penguin who sings "there'll be no bill"? I believe it's the voice of Mel Blanc! The only voice performers I can find for the penguins are Jimmy McDonald (Mickey #2, handed down from Walt), and Daws Butler (Yogi Bear, Huckleberry Hound, Cap'n Crunch, etc.)

The only two voices I know Mel performed for Walt Disney Productions was a single hiccup for Gideon the Cat in "Pinocchio," and Uncle Orville and the Parrot for the "Carousel of Progress." Does anyone know if this is a uncredited/unkown Blanc gig? It seems possible, since Mel was likely around the studio around this time to record the tracks for COP, in 1962-63. Put on your earphones and see if you agree!

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Hiya Dan!

As I was working on the ?Mary Poppins Special Edition Soundtrack?, I wanted to make sure that everyone was credited for their contribution to the recordings. Though record labels are not necessarily obligated to credit anyone beyond Lead Vocals, I wanted to credit everyone in honor of the film?s 40th anniversary. You?ll notice that all of the songs have large credit blocks (except in the cases where studio choruses were used - ?Step In Time?, and ?Let?s Go Fly a Kite? and the ?Chim Chim Cher-ee? section of the Overture) even Richard Sherman?s Kazoo solo and Irwin Kostal?s Belly-Slap Soft Shoe are credited. My research (which was then verified by payroll accounts, The Disney Studio Archives, and Richard Sherman) show that he Penguin Waiters were performed by Daws Butler, Peter Ellenshaw, Dal McKennon, J.Pat O?Malley, Richard Sherman, and David Tomlinson.

So, there ya have it!

Randy Thornton


I would think the one that Dan means was actually voiced by Pat O'Malley. I was thinking that before Randy posted his list, but I wanted to listen to the track again to hear it for myself. And then when Pat's name popped up in the list, that made me even more certain of it.


It's fun to try to figure out who sang what. David Tomlinson is very distinguishable in certain lines.