Mary Poppins and On the Record


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Does anyone know if or when they will be releasing a cast recording of Disney's 2 new musicals: Mary Poppins and On the Record? Thank you



If you check the official site of the MP musical you'll notice that you can pre order -- yeah! -- the cd of the show!

London Cast Recording. Available spring 2005, pre-order now.
Price :???15.00

I haven't had time to google-search "On The Record" but it's quite obvious they'll have a cd of that show too!

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On the Record will be recorded in January. Here is the Playbill article with more info:

Hope it helps!




I pre-ordered mine about a month ago from and received an email last week saying that it had shipped.

I was fortunate enough to be in the second row for a performance back in January while in London on a business trip. For the first few numbers I was unsure but when I put my preconceived notions of what it should be like aside, I LOVED it. There were definately some different elements but I assume they are taken from the book and not from the movie.

I'll post again when I've received the disc and have given it a few spins.