Main Street(s) Area Music Loops Question...Very Important...


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Hi guys!

I'm a lurker. I just love this board. Anyways, I'm on a production of "Hello, Dolly!" and we wanted to use Main Street Area Music as our load and unload music for the show. Well, problem is, I can't label any of the loops. I deperately need (because we open soon! and I stress soon!) the track lists to the...

1) World Bazaar Loop
2) WDW Main Street Loop
3) DLP Loops - Morning, Afternoon/Evening Loops

Thanks A lot! If I find more loops I can't identify, I'll be sure to post! - The WeirdOne :D


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And, as far as I know, here is Tokyo Disneyland's World Bazaar Loop (Unless they've changed it for some reason).

1. Grizzly Bear
2. Smoky Mokes
3. Geraldine
4. T.P.G. (Barn Dance)
5. Polka By Request
6. Down at the Barbecue
7. Dynamite Rag (not the same version as the other loops)
8. Cascade of Flowers
9. At a Georgia Camp Meeting
10. Turkish Towel Rag
11. Waltz for Evelyn
12. Delmonico Polka
13. Atlantic City
14. Clef Club No. 2
15. Palm Leaf Rag
16. The Cascades
17. Great Scott Rag
18. The Easy Winners
19. The Chrysanthemum
20. War Cloud
21. High Society
22. Theme from Minnie?s Boys
23. Man With a Load of Mischief

Jessica L

If you are unable to get the music (some of it is on the Paragon Ragtime's CDs) I have most of the WDW loop on my computer. I'd be happy to share - I know how stressful it can be close to the opening of a show!



Hey "Hello, Dolly!" performer,

It might interest you (If you didn't know already that the songs "Elegance" and "Put On Your Sunday Clothes" are part of the DL/WDW Main Street Music Loop! Incidentally, if anybody has the Main Street recordings of those songs, I have been looking for them since I did "Hello, Dolly!" Best of luck, it's a great show!


Hi Weird One,

Where are you performing in "Hello, Dolly"? I'm going to see it here in New Orleans in the next couple of weeks.

I've always loved the movie, and I'm looking forward to the stage production.

Have a great time.


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Hi, I am performing it in Orlando! If anyone wants to go see it (because I'm in it, right ;)), just send me a PM and I'll let you know where to get tickets and where to find it. It's about 30 minutes outside of Orlando in a really old 1930's theater that was just beautifully restored.

Fantasmic, recordings of those songs are avaliable on the #disney-central channel in mIRC. I believe the user tongoroa has them. Try all of the users that have servers.

Jessica, thank you for your offer, but I found the loops! I really appreciate it! - The WeirdOne :D

P.S. - We open the 13th, this Friday for anyone who is close by and wants to go.