Main Street Megastore Problem!


Hey! I don?t know if any of you have ordered music from Main Street, but I ordered ?Holiday Magic? from them over two weeks ago and was told that I would receive my order within 3 to 5 days. Well, it?s still not here. I have sent e-mails through their site (and their ambiguous categories) asking about my order but I never receive a reply! Does anyone know of a phone number I could call or an e-mail address that someone would actually respond to? Thanks for your help.



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I remember putting that album on preorder with DelivEARS the minute i heard it was going to come out. They're definitely the best way to get stuff from Disneyland, and just think-- no markup!

Call Disney DelivEARS at (800) 362-4533. From outside the United States, call (714) 781-7557.


Well, Rick, that's real dirty pooh!

They HAVE TO answer your request!
Hope the problem has been solved by now!

Let us know and, if necessary, will spread the "bad word" here and there about them and their wrong doings!

I have ordered many times from, from France, with NO hassles.....

DelivEARS's quite good, except that they use FedEX and that doubles the amount of foreign orders and adds import taxes, making rates prohibitive for some budgets -- mine! --

Good luck!


Dear Francois,

Guess what??!! They haven't sent me my CD YET!!!!

I'm calling delieverEARS right now. Thanks for your help.