Main Street Electrical Parade Tribute CD

At our NFFC MountainEars meeting last Sunday we listened to this CD that was sent to our club for review.

"Jiminy Salutes "The Main Street Electrical Parade" is an interpretive
limited edition of 5000 units audio CD. Arranged, recorded, and
produced by recording artist Jim Presley. Compilations within this
tribute CD were chosen from past and present versions of "The Main
Street Electrical Parade". Jiminy's Limited Editions is an independent
music production company and is not a part of the Walt Disney Company.
All recorded works are licensed by the required publishing companies."

Great sound! Nice to see someone go through all the proper channels to create Disney music.

Anyone own this CD?

You can review the site here


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Had me all excited until I realized that the chap does the music himself .
I listened to the preview and, sorry, it just didn't "do" it for me. It's just NOT the same - it's not Disney.
The real thing always sends a shiver down my spine. I'd rather listen to the real McCoy.
Then again, I don't like tribute bands either :D
Fair enough, it IS very good and he's gone about the right way (so nice to see) and it IS nice to see Disney music being made available like this..