"Main St. USA" song HELP!

I absolutely LOVE the "Walkin' Right Down the Middle of Main St USA" song!
I am trying to find out what shows/parades have used it. So far I have the following:

*Good Morning Show/Trolley Show currently running at the Magic Kingdom (WDW)
*Good Morning Main Street show from Easter 2002 (WDW)
*Disneyland Sing-a-Long video (1991?)
*Disneyland is Your Land
*Disneyworld is Your World
*EuroDisney/DLP Main Street Medley (one version in english and one version in french)

any other thoughts? any other versions??
(and the above mentioned- I have those recordings in one form or another)
drop a line here or e-mail me!
thanks a lot!!



The song was also featured on the TV special for Disneyland's 30th and was performed by Debbie Allen.


Here's some additional info for DLP:

The song was first used in the show C'est Magique, in a version using both English and French. It was released on CD in fully English, French and German versions in 1992, and then as the bilingual show track in 1997.

It was remixed the same year with a dance beat and used for the show Disney Magic Forever.

Around 2000, the original show mix (minus character voices) started to accompany a small character parade in the mornings.
Well, all the Disney Magic Kingdoms have used a variation of this...but it was originaly done for the Disneyland 25th Family Reunion Parade.(1980).....eventually WDW used it in htere Tencenial Parade .....