MagicTrips Radio gets a new name


(Apr 10, 2003)

On it's third anniversary MagicTrips Radio, the most popular unofficial Disney radio broadcast on the Internet, will become Florida Project Radio. This move ends the three year association with unofficial Disney vacation planning site (formerly To kick off the new name change, the broadcast will feature program history highlights as well as glimpses into the future of the programming.

"While we don't particularly like name changes, this one makes sense," says Joshua Jones, the director and founder of MagicTrips Radio. He mentions that listener hours dropped off during last year's name change, but has positive hopes the new name will draw more people to the program. "The name more accurately reflects our broadcast content."

MagicTrips Radio began as Disneytrips Radio in April 2000. The four hour broadcast expanded, both in content and in listener hours, to become the most listened Disney broadcast on in late 2001. In fall 2002, the broadcast was renamed MagicTrips Radio after changed its name, and went on a short four month hiatus during the summer following several legal battles between the recording industry and the Internet radio industry.

The broadcast features sounds and music from the Walt Disney World Resort located near Orlando, Florida. Music and dialogue from shows and attractions, as well as parades and resorts can be found during a randomly looping 15 hour collection. Shows and specials are occasionally produced to highlight events at the Resort, such as a farewell mega-mix of the Main Street Electrical Parade and a 60 minute history of Epcot for it's 20th anniversary.

Florida Project Radio, part of the Radio line-up, will debut on April 24 and can be found at


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As they sang in "Sister Act," "I will follow him wherever he may go..." Just please give us another reminder when the name change officially happens so we can make the necessary changes on our Live365 radios. Thanks!