Magical Music of the RABBIT!


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Maybe there is some good animation music we all can look forward to. Joe Dante, of Gremlins fame, is right now going to direct the new Looney Tunes movie which will be in the same format as Space Jam (live action and animation). Even if the film goes sour, which I hope does not happen, Jerry Goldsmith is sure to deliver a great score for the film and he hasn't scored an animated film since The Secret Of NIMH in 1982.

I certainly hope Randy Thornton will be releasing some better music than that disastrous Jungle Book 2 album. Please Disney don't keep dragging us through the gutters of recycled material. Give us some new and fresh stuff or great classic stuff (Robin Hood 1973) please???!!!


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My my, why did I forget Mulan of all things?
I even own the complete score CD to Mulan, but NIMH is the better of the two. It may be because he (Goldsmith) had nothing to do with the vocal songs. They were written by other composers and he used those themes in the underscore.

Also, it's too bad that is all you have to say about this topic, since Bugs and Mickey shared the spotlight in Roger Rabbit, it should be just fine to discuss Warner Cartoons. It's better news than Disney shutting down animation production. :D


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He didn't pen the song in N.I.M.H. either, Paul Williams did. He also used the theme from Paul's song in the score.

I thought Mulan was a pretty good score for him and on par with N.I.M.H. I also don't see why we should all jump up and down because there is a new "Looney" movie similar to Space Jam (oh boy!) coming out. I have no faith that they will treat the classic Warner Bros. characters with any more respect than they got in Space Jam.

But this is the Disney music discussion forum, and although there isn't much good to talk about lately, it's not the animation music discussion forum, or cartoon music discussion forum. And although I do collect and enjoy non-Disney animation and music, I don't think Warner Bros. or anybody else for that matter has had the overall effect that Disney's music has had over the years. I'll bet the majority of the pubic couldn't tell you a song they associate with the Looney Tunes except maybe The Merry-Go-Round Broke Down theme...Ask the same people to give you a song they associate with the Disney characters and the list would be very long.


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Magically hated music for the RABBIT!

Actually Goldsmith co-wrote "Flying Dreams" with Paul Williams, in either case I don't expect anybody to jump up and down for joy. However I thought this was a music forum and, really for the sake of arguement, film music gets little respect. Just examine the Jungle Book 2 soundtrack.

It is very true that Warner Bros. characters have been so watered down as of late, thus what made them so great is gone... attitute. So much political correctness has taken their edge away. That is why I stressed Joe Dante's upcoming attempt to hopefully correct this.

I hated Space Jam for two reasons:
1. Watered down and heavily airbrushed looney tunes.
2. Michael Jordan, Michael Jordan & Michael Jordan.

Whether or not what this is a forum for Disney music, only the problem right now is there is nothing happening. Treasure planet came out and disppeared with a wimper and nothing can be done to about it. Then again times are changing and stress is high... we lost another shuttle. Perhaps they should lend some Disney imagineers to the NASA program to help prevent further incompetent mishaps. That way the heads at NASA won't seem so much like a bunch of looney tunes. :'(