Magic, Music & Mayhem


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Magic, Music, & Mayhem is the fireworks show used at the now defunct Pirate & Princess Parties. The parties were held in select months in 2007 and 2008. It has been reported there will be no parties in 2009.

The original show ran 12:02 and was officially released on the Magic Kingdom Event Party CD. However, sometime in 2008, the show version was cut to 11:20, with the audio from (approximately) 2:18 - 3:00 being eliminated.

The show audio is preceded by two announcements. The first ran 0:53 and was typically played 15 minutes before the show. The announcement was done by a male announcer and stated "Lords and Ladies and honored guests. As a special feature of our Pirate & Princess party festivities, the Magic Kingdom will proudly present Magic, Music & Mayhem! This colorful celebration of romance and adventure will light up the night sky and can be seen throughout the Magic Kingdom. Please join us for Magic, Music & Mayhem!"

A second announcement, introduced by the Fairy Godmother, ran 1:21. This announcement stated "Oh, why hello my dears. This is Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. I'm so glad you arrived for our celebration. Now, there's still so much to prepare, but I'll be back very soon. This will be such fun." A male announcer then says "Thank you Fairy Godmother. Lords and Ladies and honored guests. In just a few minutes we shall present Magic, Music & Mayhem! In order for you to fully experience tonight's presentation, the lighting around the Magic Kingdom will be reduced. For your own safety, and that of others, we ask that you remain in the same location until the lighting returns to normal." A Spanish warning spiel follows, after which the male announcer says "Our enchanted spectacle, Magic, Music & Mayhem, will light up the sky in just a few minutes."

The playoff audio, starting immediately after the soundtrack to Magic, Music & Mayhem, ran 2:16 and was an unreleased version of The Waltz from Sleeping Beauty.