Magic Kingdom Welcome Show


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Back in the summer, when it was nice and hot outside, I went to the Magic Kingdom to compare the show version of the Welcome Show to the rehearsal CD that is in general circulation. I had several different versions of the show in my collection and I wasn't sure which tracks were accurate, or if the few "reconstructions" were correct, as some of the music from the Main Street Trolley Parade was included in mixes of the Welcome Show.

One track in circulation runs 11:03. This is really two separate tracks; the Welcome Show, and the Main Street Trolley Parade. The Main Street Trolly Parade plays approximately 30 minutes after the Welcome Show, so this "compilation" is not correct, as it does not include the playoff music which immediately follows the Welcome Show (the Mickey Mouse March).

The rehearsal CD is slightly different than the show version. On the rehearsal CD, there is an extra line, where Mickey speaks of Mickey's Toontown Fair. In addition, there is approximately 20 seconds of music that is missing after Mickey says to have a "Disney Day."

Finally, one track running 6:51 that is in circulation is the music that plays both before and after the Main Street Trolly Parade, but is missing the actual show announcements. Currently, the ending spiel is done by a female announcer and it states "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, thank you for joining us on Main Street USA. And from all of us in the Magic Kingdom, where we're celebrating the year of a million dreams, enjoy the rest of your day and we hope to see you again real soon."

All of the tracks should be included on the rehearsal CD, but, for whatever reason, sometimes they do not circulate as such.

01 - Welcome Show (6:52)
02 - Welcome Show - Playoff (Mickey Mouse March) (4:15)
03 - Main Street Trolly Parade - Pre/Post Show Music (6:51)
04 - Main Street Trolly Parade (4:11)

The Welcome Show has a 5 minute and 2 minute vocal announcement.