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Howdy everyone,

I have a question for Randy, or anyone else who might know the answer.

I'm just finishing work on an arrangement of Magic Journeys for my school's concert choir (about time we got some Sherman Brothers in there!) and so I've been doing a bit of research on the attraction itself, which I was never able to visit.

In particular, I'm interested in the cut of the title song that appeared on The Official Album of EPCOT Center and also on The Happiest Celebration on Earth WDW Official Album. While the song is the same song heard in the attraction, the entire song is never heard in the film itself (only verses and pieces interspersed). Additionally, it sounds like the singers are different, and the film version features some additional verses and harmonies (it may even be in a different key, as I listen to it now). Thus there are two versions of the song, if you will, the "single" version, and the version recorded for the film which effectively acts as the film's score.

My question, then, is where did this "single" version come from? If it wasn't used in the film, why was it recorded? Did it perhaps play before or after the film, or elsewhere in the pavilion/park?


I haven't the foggiest.


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I'm not an expert on how this sort of thing works, but I assumed it wasn't specially recorded, so much as arranged. All assembled, the soundtrack from the film would be very long and each section would be recorded individually as would each vocal section. It would be easy to take 2 or 3 verses from the various recording sessions and assemble a single version for commercial release.