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Hello Gang!

I have a question regarding "macho Duck" on the 1979 album "Mickey Mouse Disco" According to my research Clarence "Ducky" Nash is given credit for Donald's voice on this song (if I am wrong please correct me). However his voice of Donald Duck sounds different on this track then anything before or after it.

I am assuming that Clarence Nash was immitating Rick Dees' own imitation on "Disco Duck"

Is this a correct assumption?

Order MOUSE TRACKS from your favorite book retailer, and you can read the whole story behind "Macho Duck" and the rest of the MM DISCO album. The voice of Donald on that song was Jim Tadevic, who had been playing Donald for several years on productions such as educational films and radio commercials, where they needed a voice that was a bit easier to understand than Nash's. The main difference is that Nash produced the Donald voice in his mouth, while Tadevic generated it in his throat. His version actually sounds more like the Jimmy Weldon/Webster Webfoot/Yakky Doodle duck voice. Buy the book for more of these types of stories!
Shame on you, Tim... for not also mentioning that there was another Mickey voice in the 70's and 80's, too -- that of Pete Renaday, who did Mickey's voice for the Talking Mickey Mouse and several Disneyland Records, like "Yankee Doodle Mickey," "Pardners," and "Merry Christmas Carols." For shame, my friend. Oh, did I mention that this info and much more are also in MOUSE TRACKS? And if you don't want to buy one, that's okay, ask your local library!

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Does Mouse Tracks make any mention of the Eurobeat cover they used in "Dance Dance Revolution: Disney's Rave"? If not, then FOR SHAME. ;)