Lyrics to Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride and He Mele No Lilo FOUND!

Jessica L

Hi all - I've found the lyrics to those complicated Hawaiian songs from Lilo and Stitch (I've seen it 4 times already! ;) ). You can either pay $1.50 on Ebay for one song, or you can get the lyrics to both songs for free on this website:

I feel so much better now! :)
Now it's time to crank up the CD and try it again - with lyrics in hand. I guarantee it will sound just as bad as when I didn't have the lyrics! ;)

Have fun!


Horizons Fan

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Hi, Jessica,
Many thanks for posting the link -- these songs are really magical I can't help the hearing it in my head whether or not
I am playing the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack. :)
Makes me want to learn Hawaiian...