Luau Not Closed???


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Did some researching on Google...found the following:

Polynesian Luau Refurbishment from January 7, 2003 until February 28, 2003.

From The DIS:
Polynesian Resort - The Polynesian Luau will be closed down for rehab January 7, 2003 - February

From Intercot's Closing & Refurbishment Schedule
Polynesian Luau Cove - Polynesian Resort
Closing for Renovations January 7 - February 28, 2003
The Polynesian Luau Dinner Show will be dark during that time.

From Deb Wills' site:
IMPORTANT NEWS: Polynesian Luau will be closed for refurbishment from January 7, 2003 until February 28, 2003.

So is it being refurbished...or is it gone?


There will still be a Polynesian show at that stage (hence, the refurbishment) but it will not be the same show. I should have been more clear that this traditional version of the luau will be gone.

In the ads Disney is running to audition new performers for the new show, they don't call it a luau at all, just a Polynesian show.

Strong rumor from cast members is Lilo & Stitch will be involved, and it will be more accessible to younger children.

Hope that helps clear things up!


Let's hope that Stitch gets in there (but hopefully not too much Elvis music).

I think a permanent show presenting Stitch would be very good as it could be used to keep the character "alive". But I must admit I would have preferred to get Stitch more involved inside the parks... maybe something like Stitch inading the parks ... hmm maybe one could have Stitch take over a different attraction every Halloween??


Alex K

When we were at WDW last summer, we stood in line for the 1st character greeting appearance of Stitch for the day at the Disney Studios (by the Animation Studios tour).

Our family was 1st in line, but the greeting area was not visible from the queue. When the rope was finally dropped, and we turned the corner toward the greeting area, we were surprised to find the attending CM chained to a post by Stitch, with mock giggling by both Lilo and Stitch.

That really started our day right, and 'till today I still chuckle at the prank and at the thought that Stitch was really in character.

They do have Stitch up on one of the buildings on New York street, presumably terrorizing the city.

Jessica L

I was able to meet Stitch at MGM in August. He greeted me by picking my nose, and later picked my ear and "flicked" the findings back at me. One experience I will never foget! ;)

I've turned my dorm room into a "Stitch Shrine" in honor of that adorable little guy. :)

If there was to be a Luau based around L&S, I would so be there! I've never been to a Luau at the Poly, but bring Stitch in and I would gladly make a trip over!

I agree - more Stitch in the parks! Don't limit him to MGM - he's too awesome and adorable to stay in one spot!!



Hey there, Hi there, Ho there,

let's all hope Disney realizes that with Stitch they have a new mega-star at their hands ... but I fear it will take a long time till they realize it. In fact I wonder: what happened to the announced and advertised "Lilo & Stitch's Island Favorites"-CD?? It was meant to be released this fall but now we only got the Monsters Inc. Favorites CD... not that I don't like Monsters Inc. but I really was looking forward to get hopefully some more Lilo & Stitch music on that CD...


P.S.: at the Disneyland Resort Paris Lilo and Stitch can be met in the Frontlot of the Walt Disney Studios only so far, but they had a huge blow up Stitch sitting in the Disney Village for a month when the movie just had opened.