Love it, hate it, or just over it?



Any thoughts on the Christmas parade TV show? My Dad's comment was that Johnny Reznick looked like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family.
How about "missed it" as a choice?! :'(

Forgot all about it with a new puppy under the Christmas tree. I wanted to see it after I had read reviews that it would be returning to the old format of concentrating on the parade rather than featured performers.


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A new puppy is MUCH more important than any ol' Christmas parade! Congrats on your new addition .

This year we went to MVMCP for the first time in, oh, 5 years or so. Except for having less places to get cookies and hot cocoa (and the hot cocoa being even MORE watered down), the evening, as well as the parade hadn't changed much. So we skipped the TV show altogether on purpose.



I enjoyed it this year, however it seems that they just don't have their heart in it like they did in the past. I noticed that in the credits that an outside production company did the work on it. I suppose that they have long ago laid off all the TV production staff they used to have at the Disney/MGM Studio. Gotta save that money...

I also used to watch the Xmas show to see the previews they would have for future attractions and upgrades at resorts. It's sad that there is only one new attraction in the works Mission Space:
Otherwise all we can except is a few Disneyfied carnival rides as seen in Disney's Cutrate Adventure in California.