Looking for Space mountain que music


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Hey All,

I have been able to find Space mountain Entrance music, and I have been able to find Star Tunnel Music, but what I really want is the Star Tunnel music with that neat back ground music played with it in the que line. That I have never really been able to find. I have seen it referred to as room 2 on some websites. So if any body knows where I could get this, that would be appreciated.


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I think you are speaking of the third song that plays in the queue. It has not been officially released yet, and is on the wish list of several collectors. There are a few live recordings that have been circulated, but nothing that sounds all that great. I wonder if anyone has ever tried an induction recording with this one?


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So I was listening to UAB this evening and there was a World of Motion flow through played. At the end of the 16 minute flow through there was some music that sounded EXACTLY like the elusive third song in the Space Mountain Queue. Upon compairing it with the live recording in the queue, it seems they are the same.

Maybe this is the answer to finally getting this track.

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They sound like they both use the same combination of synthetic sound effects, but I don't think they are the same. Interesting though.


They definitely aren't the same, but they are very similar. I really do hope that someday this elusive 3rd Queue Track from Space Mountain actually surfaces. I do have one very clean live recording that was posted on the newsgroups a while back, but that's the best that I've got.