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I'm trying to find lyrics to / an online recording of a song I remember from childhood -- we're talking late 60's, early 70's. I had an album of children's music, and one song I loved spoke of "Ten little mice out on the floor, square dancing like never before..." and lots of la-la-la's and fiddle accompaniment. In the end, the whole happy scene is ruined by the sudden presence of a "Caaaaaat!" I'm dead certain it's a Disney song but I can find no reference to it, and I've no idea what movie it's from; my first thought would be 'Cinderella' though the album art, if I remember, more resembled 'Snow White'. Does anyone else remember this or has my brain clouded over the years? Thanks in advance!


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May have been something by Larry Groce on a children's songs LP?
I don't know the song myself and I was around in the 60's. Do you remember if it was children singing it?
Obviously, I've Googled the lyrics you gave and nothing is coming up as an exact match. Were there any extra words you remember or anything particular off the album?
I doubt "square dancing" would figure in anything from a major release like Cinderella but there were a lot of offshoots in comic strips like Mickey Mouse weekly (UK issue) so there may have been some shorts including Jaq and Gus - it would figure in with Lucifer as the cat but maybe that was a child's mind linking something totally different, of course. Certainly nothing in the UK anyway that I remember.
I hope someone knows. I'm curious now....................
That sounds awfully familiar. If I remember correctly, it was sung (and narrated) by Sterling Holloway


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That sounds awfully familiar. If I remember correctly, it was sung (and narrated) by Sterling Holloway

Yes, you were right, it was him.


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It's called "mouse square dance" but was reused in '64 with Pinto Colvig for Goofy's TV Spectacular Vinyl LP.
From your description, I'd think it was the first option.
If you still have a record player, there are quite a few around for sale (and not all that expensive).

Also on this out of print CD if you can find it locally
but check it's the two disc version (they redid this one as a one disc edition in Japan.
Mouse square dance is on disc 2.