Looking for original outdoor music loop used at DL's "It's a Small World"


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For a few years now, I have been hunting down a very elusive piece of music: the complete music loop that is played at the outdoor facade at Disneyland's "It's A Small World."

The original music loop played from 1966-1990. In 1990 it was replaced by a more "operatic" orchestration of the "Small World" song. I recently went to Disneyland and discovered that they have re-mastered and restored the original music loop.

If anyone has ANY leads regarding how to get a hold of the entire music loop source track, I would be very grateful, and might be able to reciprocate in some way, as I have a modest collection of music, some common, some more hard to find (I have about 95% of the Wilderness Lodge tracks, for example, all high-quality files).

I've been hunting for this for a very long time... I hope someone can help.

- Dave

P.S. : Here's more info about this music loop. Hopefully this
will help people know what I'm talking about:

- the loop is about 7-8 minutes long.
- it's only played on two speakers, one on each side
of the It's A Small World exterior facade at
- it's entirely instrumental, no voices.
- the verses and choruses are were arranged by Norman
"Buddy" Baker and mimic 16 musical styles from around
the world, which play the verses and melody. Each
style is used for one verse (or chorus) before the
song is "handed over" to another style. This is what
makes the loop fun to listen to. Some of these styles

French (Can-Can style)
Italian (mandolins, etc.)
Swiss (hand bells play melody)
Classical (string quartet, etc.)
German (polka with tuba, clarinet, etc.)
Latin (latin guitar, marracas, etc.)
psuedo-African (some drums, etc.)
Mariachi (Mexican marimbas w/ flute)
Spanish flamenco (guitar, violin, castinets)
Balinese (ethnic percussion, etc.)
Chinese (ethnic percussion, etc.)
Russian (Balalaika)
Japanese (wood blocks and other percussion)
Hawaiian (with slide guitar)