Looking for Humprey Bear Song?


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I am looking for a song that is played while bears in
a park pick up trash. I believe it is from a Donald Duck
Cartoon and it goes " pick it up, put it in the bag , bum
bum " as the bears bump bums from side to side.

Would like the cartoon or song or both, are they available? :D


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The song you are talking about is called "Humphrey Hop". It is availible on the CD "Classic Disney: 60 Years of Musical Magic, Volume 5" (Orange cover). It's not the version from the cartoon, but a cover version of the song (it's still nice to listen too though). I don't know if the cartoon is availible on video or not, but it may have been availible on the earlier compilation videos from the 80's...not sure.

I remember seeing that cartoon ("In the Bag" 1956) all the time on TV when I was growing up though and it was one of my favorites. Humphrey was always so pathetic you couldn't help but love him! He sure did go to great lengths to get his dinner!

Ben C.


There's a new version of the song on the recent "House of Mouse" CD.