Living Seas Audio and Music


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Does anyone know where I could get music from The Living Seas at Epcot? Back in the 1980's there used to be great audio tracks there, but they've never been released comercially to my knowledge.



Hey RPH.

I too like the Living Seas tracks, there have been quite a few floating about such as the main theme, 'journey to seabase alpha', 'undersea life', and 'aquaculture'.

Maybe searching for some of those names would dig something up?

If you're able to get hold of the Epcot entrance loop that was introduced in 2001 it has a great version of the main theme included.


For your listening pleasure... I've posted the BGM for Living Seas to a.b.m.disney.parks.

For your viewing pleasure... I also posted Martin's new video tribute to the Living Seas.



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RPH - If you have not found you are looking for, and use AIM, I can send you the files. My screen name is horizonstta.