Live 365 suspends stations


:mad: Well that just annoys the you-know-what out of me. Lots of times while I'm working at my PC that was a neat way to get a Disney music fix. Especially of tunes I had yet to acquire. I wonder if this will be permanent?


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this happens every so often. someone gets a bug up their patootie and they suspend those stations. then after a month or so things calm down. i wouldn't sweat it too much.


This is my first post here, but I thought I'd jump in. :)

Live 365 Disney stations are hard to find now. :( I know of four theme parks stations right now. They're called:

E Ticket Radio
Intercot Radio
ClubWD Radio
Mickey & Friends

Hope this helps. :)



I noticed that some of the stations are back now. I found about 11. Of course my pre-sets are now missing some so guess I'll start over with those. Glad to seem them back though. :)


Hey xfkirsten, might wanna review your list. As of right now, Intercot Radio and Mickey and Friends Radio are no longer listed on the roster.

Apparently Disney had a spat about people using the name "Disney" (and it's similars) in the broadcast title (apparently the station description field doesn't apply). Monday night when I did a search on for "disney" I found 46 stations. Tuesday night, I found 7.

Looks as if broadcasters are replacing their names and are being allowed back on the air. Click the following link for the current list of Disney radio broadcasts, up to 11 now I think:

I'm thankful mine didn't get touched, but alot of the top players in the game have been affected. Hope everyone recovers nicely!

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For those of you that listened, like myself, to The Disney World Network, I believe it is now called Mouse World Network - at least for the time being.


I just checked my presets, and Intercot Radio and Mickey and Friends are still broadcasting. :) I don't know if they're actually listed, but they're still up and running - I'm listening to them now. :)



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I'm one of the affected broadcasters at Live365. Thought I would share the email we all received the other day. It was titled "Termination of your broadcast station":


We have received notices regarding other disney marks and in reviewing our
site thoroughly we have come across your
use of another Disney mark. You should be aware that the name Disney is
trademark protected and thus your use of the name as part of your personal
broadcasting station name may be considered a trademark infringement. In
the meantime, you broadcast station has been shutdown pending revision of
your broadcast station description. Alternatively, if you can provide us
written confirmation that you have authorization from Disney to use its name
as part of your broadcast station description, then we will be happy to
fully reinstate your broadcast station "as is"."

Not sure what prompted all the rigamorow but as someone noted above I changed my station name and they're letting me broadcast for now.