Little Mermaid On Broadway Track Listing and Release Date


Just put on Amazon. The Little Mermaid Cast album is set to be released February 5, 2008. Here is the track Listing -

1. Overture
2. Fathoms Below/ Where I Belong - Sailors, Pilot, Prince Eric, Grimsby
3. Daughters of Triton - Mersisters
4. The World Above - Ariel
5. Human Stuff - Scuttle, Gulls
6. I Want the Good Times Back - Ursula, Flotsam, Jetsam
7. Part of Your World - Ariel
8. Storm at Sea
9. Part of Your World" (Reprise) - Ariel
10. She's in Love - Mersisters Flounder
11. Her Voice - Prince Eric
12. The World Above (Reprise) - King Triton
13. Under the Sea - Sebastian, Sea Creatures
14. Sweet Child - Flotsam, Jetsam
15. Ursula's Incantation - Ursula, Ariel ACT II
16. Positoovity - Scuttle, Gulls
17. Beyond My Wildest Dreams - Ariel, Carlotta, Maids
18. Les Poissons - Chef Louis, Chefs
19. One Step Closer - Prince Eric
20. I Want the Good Times Back (Reprise) - Ursula
21. Kiss the Girl - Sebastian, Animals
22. Sweet Child (Reprise) - Flotsam, Jetsam
23. If Only (Quartet) - Ariel, Prince Eric, Sebastian, King Triton
24. Her Voice (Reprise) / The Contest - Ursula, Grimsby, Princesses
25. Poor Unfortunate Souls (Reprise) - Ursula
26. If Only (Reprise) - King Triton
27. Finale Ultimo - Ariel, Prince Eric, Company

I'm so glad 'Beyond My Wildest Dreams' made it through to the final album. It was my favorite song from the demo. By the way, it seems the show has changed quite a bit from the demo. February can't come fast enough.
Sadly, just about every change made from the demo to the final version was for the worse ... and it appears the disastrous ending to the show survives intact.

Oh well, it will still play for years.