Listen to the Land and Symphony of the Seed


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Has anyone noticed that on Disneyworld's offical website for Epcot's Living With the Land, the video that is shown has the background music to Listen to the Land.

I think that this music has selected instruments, which means that the some of all the musical instruments that were used are only present. It seems like the melody is missing and only the harmony remains.

If I am correct this was used during the Photosynthesis part or Symphony of the Seed scene.

Here's the link to disney's site:

And here's a link to a audio clip of Symphony of the Seed:

Compare it yourself! :)


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Your little mix just makes me smile!

I loved the old Land music - heck, I liked all the old EPCOT Center music!

Was Symphony of the Seed ever available on WDWF? Does anyone have a live recording they'd be willing to share?

Symphony of the Seed was never available on WDWF, but I'm wondering if those too-lucky hounds who created the latest actually know what they're putting online. ;)

(Very upset Cranium Command and Timekeeper pages had no music. . . :- )

Jessica L

Oh my gosh - I had never looked at those pages with the music on. I listened to the Rio Del Tiempo music like 5 times. ;) The only bad one was the Journey Into Imagination page - they had to ruin it with Eric Idle...