Lilo & Stitch TV Series music

My kids are in desperate need for the Lilo & Stitch TV series theme song. Problem is I can't find it anywhere, perhaps because I may be misspelling the title. I think it's called "Aloha, E Komo Mai" or something like that.

Is this commercially available? Is it on itunes, or will I need to buy a whole CD worth of teeny bopper songs?
it's also used in the mix for the "Find Stitch!" parade in TDL. ;D

Crap- doesn't look like it's on iTunes. Thanks for the info everybody. Looks like Disney Channel Hits is my best bet. Still not crazy about buying the whole CD of garbage for that one song. Disney should really release more to iTunes.
Thanks for the info, everybody. I ended up buying the Disney Channel Hits CD at WalMart for $16. So now I have the song that my kids love so much. Unfortunately I also have a CD full of horrible- and I mean horrible teeny bopper songs (and 4 music videos!).

Why can't Disney release more stuff to iTunes so I can buy what I want and avoid spending $16 for one song? Hmm...$16 for one song as opposed to 99 cents...I think I just answered my own question.