"Lilo & Stitch" Soundtrack.....


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Hello everybody....I have the tracklisting of Lilo and Stitch's Soundtrack :
01. Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride - performed by Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu and Kamehameha School Children's Chorus (3:28)
02. Stuck on You - performed by Elvis Presley (2:25)
03. Burning Love - performed by Wynonna (3:09)
04. Suspicious Minds - performed by Elvis Presley :)23)
05. Heartbreak Hotel - performed by Elvis Presley (2:14)
06. Devil in Disguise - performed by Elvis Presley (2:31)
07. He Melle No Lilo - performed by Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu And Kamehameha School Children's Chorus (2:28)
08. Hound Dog - performed by Elvis Presley (2:28)
09. I Can't Help Falling in Love - performed by A*Teens (3:08)
10. Stitch to the Rescue (Score) - 5:55
11. You Can Never Belong (Score) - 3:54
12. I'm Lost (Score) - 4:40

Hush.....hope it can help and can't wait for TREASURE PLANET next Fall


Thanks for the information. Looks like a nice soundtrack. Too bad they only included three scores. I sure hope that they will release a separate scores soundtrack. Oh well...


Looks like I'm going to pass this one. If I wanted Elvis songs I could buy an Elvis CD. 5 tracks of film music is hardly worth buying the whole CD. Unless after seeing the film I decide I definately need them... :) Let's hope for a separate score CD.
I've ranted on the Lilo and Stitch soundtrack already on previous threads--and speaking of threads, that was my complaint--a movie of thread-bare, worn Elvis songs. One thing I am interested in, is that someone thought of taking advantage of Hawaii's unique musical heritage, and apparently used some local talent in two songs. I only wish that this could have been the primary "thread" of the song choices--not a worn-out suit. Michael.


HI Mark,

I fear a separate score soundtrack is not very propable. It seems only top-grossing mvies get that extra treatment from Disney and even then only occasionally...

What I'm expecting to become available so is a CD by DJ Stich featuring remixes of old Elvis songs as on his website - this smells like money if promoted on Radio Disney. But again: only if the movie is at least a modest hit.

If no elements of the musical score are released that would certainly be a slap in the face to the composer, Alan Silvestri! Last summer, a separate CD of John Debney's score to The Princess Diaries was released, to compliment the CD of only songs--let's hope the same thing is planned for Lilo and Stitch. Michael.


The only problem is that the soundtrack does include some score, and the guys at Disney may think it's enough...

Dr. Know

Got the cd. The Silvestri score tracks are pretty good, although he is capable of much better. Can anybody who has seen the film comment -- is there a great deal more of unreleased score material that would make a score only cd worthwhile? Perhaps something will show up in the 'composer promo' market...?