Lilo & Stitch Music Info


New Member has updated the 'Lilo & Stitch' website, including a few clips from the movie's soundtrack.

Under 'Who is Lilo?', and then 'Lilo's Jukebox,' there are sound clips by Elvis, Wynonna Judd, and two Hawaiian songs by Alan Silvestri and Mark Keali'i Ho'omalu.

Under 'Who is Stitch?', and then "Movie Info," and then "Behind the Scenes" is a blurb about the music which states that 6 (!!) Elvis songs appear in the film, as well as a special re-recording on an Elvis song by Wynonna Judd, and also the the two Silvestri songs.
Thanks for the heads-up! So it sounds as though we will actually get some NEW music in the film, and not just the Elvis re-treads--and some in conjunction with a Hawaiian composer? Given the unique musical heritage of Hawaii, I was hoping something like this would be done, given the "roots music"-based successes of artists like Ry Cooder and Paul Simon! I may not write-off the soundtrack afterall! Michael Z.