Light Up The Sky


Hey, yall!

Has anyone heard ?Light Up the Sky?? It was used in TDL?s 2005 countdown parade for the fireworks segment. It lasted 2 minutes or so and included a grand finale. Was this song used for anything else besides the countdown 2005? The vocal sound sounds A LOT like a Tokyo DisneySea song. Could it possibly be a Tokyo DisneySea song? Anyone heard a good recording? I?ve heard a very poor live recording so I can only understand about 40% of the lyrics. Does anyone know all the lyrics?

Thanks so much for your help with this awesome song!
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Hi Rick. I think I probably have the same live version you do. This really is an awesome song. It sounds a lot like a fantasy in teh sky finale. I too would like to know more about it. i'll be watching for updates.
The first time I heard "Lighting up the Sky" by VAN HALEN (Not van hager) .... Van Halen was playing at the " Day of Rock -n- Roll " in New Orleans at the Superdome ....

They opened the set with "Lighting up the Sky" ... this was back in 1979 ( June 10 ) ... other acts that followed (all in their prime at the time) were ... Heart, Blue Oyster Cult, Nazerath, Boston .... lighters were flickering all over the place and an aroma filled the filled the air....

Sorry ... drifted way off topic ... but the title kindled some memories in the gray matter that I call a brain...