Light Magic -The Soundtrack


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hi guys,
i wanted to start a discussion about the music of Light magic which was done by Bruce Healey and Tom Child. Light Magic was a "short lived" streetacular which ran at disneyland in 1997 it was then pulled due to the guest's mixed reactions. Well, although the show was bad the music was well done. Its disney melodies seem to weave throught the soundtrack with a new song "Dream Our Dreams". Celtic style music with tap dancing pixes, who could of ask for anything better?. I just recieved a copy of the original soundtrack which has the full narration, the storm sequence, and exit music. The official album of 1997 cut a lot of stuff out of the soundtrack. I also realized that a bit of "fantillusion"theme was in the storm sequence (thats where the projections were shown on the floats). Baroque Hoedown (well known from MSEP) is in the finale. I think this is one of the best soundtracks from that "streetacular" what do you guys think?


It unfortunately tried to play on the "Riverdance" bandwagon, which was a short lived fad. Unlike other parades, whose sole focus is to march down the street, this "streetacular" tried to stop and put on shows with backstories that never fully developed and had limited viewing of the major show portions.

Nice concept, terrible execution IMHO.