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I am new to the forum, and I was hoping that someone could help me out. I am an avid collector of rare library/production music from the 50s-70s, and I have heard that a lot of library music was used throughout Disney Theme parks. In particular, I was told that a number of tracks from the Capitol library lables were used. Can anyone verify this? More importantly, does anyone know what tracks were used in given areas?

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While I have no real specifics, I think you'd find that most usage of library/production music went on many years ago during the time Jack Wagner was responsible for the audio upkeep -- and even then, his needledrop sources tended to be more towards obscure commercial recordings rather than the library pressings of which you speak.

In any event, much of the old music has been replaced over the years, and the only use of production music that I know of in anything close to recent years was the inclusion of segments of three recordings from Omnimusic's library in the BGM loop for the now-defunct Wonders Of Life pavilion at Epcot. In speaking with the people responsible for the music played at the parks today, I've learned that they tend to avoid library/production music like the plague.


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Can someone define library/production music for me? I think I know what you're talking about (like the Cap Rec. stuff for Peoplemover/Autopia 98/Superstar Limo), but a good defenition would be nice.

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Cue music (also known as library music, background music, stock music or production music) is commercially available music that can be used to score productions (most commonly motion pictures, TV shows, radio shows, or commercials). Library music labels usually lend their libraries to production companies. Whenever a track or portion of a track is used in a piece, producers pay the library music label a "needle-drop" fee. Modern music libraries were started by both British publishing companies and music scoring services in Hollywood during the late 1940s. Cue/mood music labels such as Chappell, KPM, Boosey & Hawkes, and DeWolfe wrote volumes of musical scores to be used by production companies in Europe and the United States. The four most prominent US library labels in the 50s and 60s were Capitol, Major (Valentino), Mutel and CBS. Please contact me if you would like more!
I HAVE heard ONE cue--in Frontierland!! It's heard in the old GUMBY series (before the 1980s GUKMBY team messed around with the soundtrack and sythn-ed it.:D)

The tune, heard on a 1967 episode of GUMBY, GOLD RUSH GUMBY, has afolk-guitar flavored arrangement--ti was heard as one would wlak past the Davy Crockett fort.

(DeWolfe? Would that be Billy--or was he bizxzie-bizzie,bizzee on FROSTY THE SNOWMAN-naah,that wouldn;t b be till later..little offtopic name ppub..:))

Anyway, getting back to the produciton music, that was one cue I heard--played on a banjo and used on 1960s GUMB Y's (though by then Art Clokey who made the series was using a different library).
only a handfull of these tarcks were used......mostly from Capitol Records Media Music Release #8, #8, #11.......mostly for the PeopleMover attractions and some for Frontierland and both parks. The old Disneyland entrance Stocade music is called (Western Saloon)......and WDW used about 8-9 from various releases (like release #9, record 2.used COUNTRY MUSIC #1, #3,#4) The Contempory Resort concorse BGM feautured "Field of fashion" #1,#2,#3.and Cosmetics a current car dealer comercial uses a WDW PeopleMover tune called "people of Leisure".......and Rin & Stimpy cartoons feature some of the Frontierland tracks too. Many of these are still available on current CDs by OLE GEORG RECORDS from their line......they own all the old Capitol Media music rights.......however, to spend $800.00 + to rent cd s that feature maybe 30 of the 70's kinda crazy. Most of the final music is out there amongs collectors anyhow. Even some of the music from Knott's Roaring 20's area is still available today on the CD releases!!

Disney probably prefered not to have area and attraction music that guest were also hearing on a
Kal-kan dog food comercial...or in a VONS super as time went on these track have almost all been replaced or redone.



Even some of the music from Knott's Roaring 20's area is still available today on the CD releases!!


Ummmmm - care to expand on that info, Mike?
Re:Library/Production Music/Knott's Roaring 20's

Knott's Roaring 20's music may have many addition sources from the tarcks they used, but some of them include:

Capitol Records
Orange series (disc 5 is the current)
but would have been on several releases over time

Jazz - Charelston
jazz - Traditions

Jazz- Those Happy 30's

Longiness Syphony Orchestra
"The Roaring 20's"
"The Roaring 20" Volume 2"
(these are from the early-mid 60's releases)
---Disney also used these albums for the pre-show music
done at the Golden Horseshoe callrd "The Class of '29"...............

These are the only ones I can identify........these is also some tracks that have a 20's/modern 70's sound.that I think is from that Time Life series called "Our Century in Music"..........original Main Street music had DL / WDW used selections from that series from "The Teens"...........................well there ya go!