Liberty Square Riverboat


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The current narration spiel runs approximately 14:27 (the actual time will vary, depending on the speed of the Liberty Belle)

No music plays on the Liberty Belle. However, there is some setpiece audio that plays as you wind through the Rivers of America.

There is no separate area music at the Liberty Boat Landing. Rather, the Liberty Square area music plays as you enter through the turnstiles and wait to board the Liberty Belle.

The Liberty Square Riverboat, under different names, has been in existence since 1971. The original boat, the "Admiral Joe Fowler," was retired in 1980. The "Richard F. Irvine" was added to the fleet in 1973. No known audio of the Admiral Joe Fowler narration is in circulation. However, there is one narration spiel of the Richard F. Irvine, running 16:49, in circulation. This narration references the construction of Splash Mountain. The Richard F. Irvine was renamed the Liberty Belle in 1996.