Liberty Square (Mickey's Very Merry Xmas Party) Loop

I believe I found the source to the Liberty Square music during the party. I took a close listen (stupid me didn't do a reference reference recording :( ). The music has alotta resemblance to the Columbia Harbour House loop. The holiday music does however play from the start of the Liberty Tree Tavern all the way through to the Liberty Belle Landing. Also the loop does not play inside the Christmas Shoppe, Liberty Tree or the Columbia Harbour House. I know Horizons has mentioned do a reference recordings, but after talking to a few managers, I think I landed on something I was about 50% sure on when he told me. Here was our coversation word for word.

Me: Hey______, I was wondering if you knew or have any info on this loop playing around LS during the parties.

Him: It has the same instrumental type as the Harbour House, so my best bet is Holiday/Christmas-type cd(s) from the same artist.

Me: Well the artist for Columbia Harbor House is Various as it uses old 20,000 Leagues queue songs, some sources are unknown, but a big chunk of the loop is from an album called "Wind in the Rigging: A New-England Voyage" by Otis Read.

Him: Luke, I think you might have answered your question for your holiday loop, cause Otis Read HAS released 2 Christmas albums, both under the same name, just 2 volumes or 2 disc-set. :).

After speaking with him I came home and hunted down Otis Read sources and came across this site and low and behold, the cds my source mentioned are is the link I came across . Now I need to track down these 2 discs and get a live recording for reference and see what matches.

I listened to the samples on that page and it sounds dang close to the loop, but I need help. I need an IR or Live Reference of the loop. Horizons, my friend, lemme know if this helps ya, or anyone else with the knowledge of this loop, cause I believe I have struck gold and found the sources. But need further confirmation.


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:cd: New England Christmastide


:cd: New England Christmastide 2


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I have no plans to capture a full reference recording for this. I have about 15 or 20 minutes from a few years back, but that's it.