Letter to VP of Epcot, Question !!!


I am writing a letter to Jim MacPhee, VP, of EPCOT Center, in Orlando, FL. I am making 10 points in my letter to him, but have hit a dead end unfortunately, can anyone help me fill in the blanks with some good points to make of why releasing a "best of" cd(s) of theme park music by composer bruce broughton is good and what it will do if released? here are the points i have come up with so far:

By releasing a ?Best Of? CD with Theme Park music by composer Bruce Broughton, it will:

1. Increase Ticket Sales/Park Attendance - people will want to go see the attractions the music comes from as well as see everything at the Parks and will want to visit frequently thus the parks will be come more crowded.

2. Increase Merchandise Sales/Profits- lots of people will buy the CD(s) at the stores where they are sold and will most likely purchase other items as well. I know several people who would gladly send money to help pay for a release of this CD, NOW!

3. Increase Popularity with Disney - more people will want to go to the Parks and learn more about Disney and will talk about Disney more.

4. Increase Demand and Open Doors for Future Releases - people enjoy the music from the Parks and will buy CD(s) of the music. by doing so Disney will be able to release more music on CD(s) thus bringing in more revenue for Disney.

5. Make Fans Happy - the fans love music from the Disney Parks and they want to own it all and will continue to buy CD(s) of Park music in the future.

6. Earn Disney Good Publicity - people will share their experiences and thoughts on the music and the Parks with others, thus making others interested about visiting the Parks or purchasing the music on CD(s).

7. Inspire Future Generations ? this music will entice the youth of today and tomorrow to pursue and seek out careers in the music industry and to appreciate music more and understand it and its underlying meaning.




11. Earn Bruce Broughton A Better Reputation - more people will know about him and what he does and will enjoy his music and perhaps create more scoring gigs of Disney attractions.


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It may be just a tad unrealistic to think that Park attendance will increase, at least in the short term, simply because of a CD release. However there are very real gains made by a release such as this. Unfortunately in a business sense, they are all long term gains, meaning the numbers guys probably won't be able to measure it. A CD release of Broughton's theme park music is just the sort of little thing that makes a big impression on the fans. Like the recent things done for Epcot's Anniversary, a release like this doesn't cost, or make, a lot of money, but to those who appreciate it, it builds tremendous goodwill. Every one of us who have signed your petition would instantly remember that Jim McPhee (Or Iger, or Randy Thornton or whoever) got this music released, despite tremendous odds, not because it would make the Company a lot of money, but because the fans wanted it. A Disney exec may have a lot of events in his or her Disney career, a lot of which they are proud of and some they may prefer were forgotten. As the years pass, I know that I do forget most of the trivial stuff, but I remember the really great things that impact me personally, and the things that I consider tragic. When they close down a classic attraction, I remember when it happened and generally who was in charge at the time. When a great decision is made (product released, attraction opened, etc.), that also stands out in my mind.

I know you are trying to be specific in your points and make it sound like a good business move, but someone like McPhee who has access to the numbers will instantly dismiss such statemens as being totally without merit. I think the better tactic is to emphasize the tremendous goodwill this sort of thing would generate, both for Jim McPhee personally and for the Company in general. Just my two cents.


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I agree with X-S. This stuff is hard to measure, and it's obvious it's conjecture at this point. Starting out with that point might just send your letter to the circular file. You might just leave point #1 off the list. Especially since people who would be interested in any CD's would most likely have already been on these attractions, and not necissarily boost attendance.

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What if Disney did a music club akin to the Disney Movie Rewards club and some of the Rewards could be CD's of obscure music. It would give the rabid fans (don't be offended, I unclude myself in this group) motivation to buy CD's from Disney rather than downloading bootlegs to get a CD of previously unreleased Bruce Broughton stuff. If I had to buy 2 or 3 Raven CD's to get points for a Bruce broughton CD I'd do it. Course the way Disney Movie rewards works is that the prizes are all either pretty cheap stuff or stuff that Disney's trying to get rid of (old WDCC pieces). Only a few are actual obscure films. Still interesting to think about...

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Exactly which is why they would attach the reward points to Raven's CDs- as incentive to boost her sales. Hannah Montana doesn't need the help. Didn't you people take Marketing 101?


Please don't encourage sales of disney channel stars :'(