Leonard Rosenman CD Features Body Wars


Real-life Harry Caul
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Alexander the Great and Other Rare Rosenman

Limited to 1000 copies

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Body Wars (1989)
1. Body Wars Theme (3:26)
2. Coming to Get You (1:39)
3. Ready Now (1:04)
4. Welcome Home (0:39)

Where Pigeons Go To Die (1990)
5. Opening (5:44)
6. Dangerous Flight (3:01)
7. Dickens Returns/Closing (6:26)
8. End Credits (1:18)

Sybil (1976)
9. Part 1 Main Title (1:59)
10. The Awakening/End Title (7:16)
11. "I Remember Me" (full version) (2:04)

Combat! (1962)
12. Main Title (0:50)
13. Soldiers Searching (1:22)
14. A Hero's Death (1:00)
15. Enemy Territory (1:29)
16. Wartime Liaison (2:07)
17. Diversion (1:12)
18. Tortured Crawling (1:03)
19. French Café (3:48)
20. Battle (0:57)
21. Hand to Hand Combat (1:03)
22. Brief Respite/Finale (2:58)
23. Combat! March (1:01)

Alexander The Great (1964)
24. Main Title (0:50)
25. The Hanged (0:37)
26. Meet Alexander (1:32)
27. The Dagger (1:46)
28. Orgy (3:15)
29. On the Move (1:09)
30. Antigonus Dies (1:39)
31. The Pursuit (1:13)
32. Ada's Dance (1:25)
33. Big Battle/Conquered (6:35)
34. End Credits (1:21)


Real-life Harry Caul
Playlist Author


Thanks for pointing out - without your post I would have missed this opportunity to get my hands on this release.

The four tracks from Body Wars are musically much stronger than I remembered from the ride - and on top are a great souvenir of old times bringing memories back. Too bad Disney isn't releasing material such as this.

Anyway, the reminder of the CD is really interesting as well (at least if you are interested in movie / tv scores), however, the aduio quality there is not as good as for the Body Wars tracks. I enjoyed in particular the four tracks from the 1990 movie "Where Pigeons Go To Die" which has some wonderful melodies. The tracks from the tv series "Combat!" might be a trip down memory lane for some - but I never saw the series, nevertheless some of it was great stuff. Sybil wasn't really my cup of tea. The music from the TV production "Alexander The Great" was OK but felt a bit like "just regular stuff for this kind of movie".



Real-life Harry Caul
Playlist Author
Considering that the masters for Alexander the Great and Combat! were literally found in the trash by Michael Matessino, it's a miracle that this CD even came to be. From the liner notes:

"Score-restoration expert Mike Matessino spotted a pile of quarter-inch tapes in a neighbor' s driveway, awaiting garbage pickup. Among the tapes were masters from Rosenman' s Combat! and Alexander the Great music, the latter being the original source of the vinyl pressings that were thought to be the only surviving music for the pilot"