Le Pays des Contes de Fées


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Storybook land to those none French speakers.
A boat journey past various scenes from Disney films (with occasional giant rabbit incursions).
The boats are boarded from a large circular platform which rotates at the same speed as the boats pass (making them seem to stand still).
Not strictly a music loop as each scene has it's own loop which repeats as each boat passes but included as there is music and it's a ride.
The queue area shares the same area and music as that of Casey Junior as the two rides are next to each other.
Please see the Casey Junior entry for details.

The sequence is as follows.

Casey Jr queue loop (From boarding point to bridge) so different tracks will be heard as you pass by the giant book.

Snow White (Dwarf diamond Mine) Heigh Ho (called out)

The Little mermaid (harbour) Mix: Instrumental "part of your world" (movie overture) and Ariel's chant from the voice-stealing section of the movie.

Peter and the Wolf (Peter hunting the wolf) "Peter and the Wolf" music (The "Peter" secion).

Fantasia (in center of the lagoon) Night on a Bare Mountain

Aladdin (through the mouth of the cave of wonders ) Instrumental from "Arabian Nights".

Sword in the Stone (model of the sword in the stone with sparkles and part of the miracle opening song from the movie)

Beauty and the Beast (Belle sitting by the fountain) Transformation scene music.

Oz (group in front of the Emerald City gates) From MSEP - Return to OZ

Again, as you pass under the final bridge, you will hear the Casey Jr queue loop playing again.

With thanks to DavidG for the exact identification of the music played.