Le Carousel de Lancelot


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This loop ran 22:59 but it would appear that this particular "in the wild" recording that is circulating (and which I originally used) may be fan-made compilation as the listing differs from the official one. I only had video recording of the ride to compare with so was unable to confirm the order of play although, from memory, they seemed to be the ones I always heard when passing. :rolleyes: Moral: don't rely on memory!
  1. Be our Guest 2:52
  2. When You Wish Upon a Star 2:17
  3. Gaston 3:23
  4. Feed the Birds 2:37
  5. A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes 2:18
  6. Belle Notte 2:50
  7. Chim Chim Cher-ee 1:56
  8. You Can Fly 2:13
  9. So This is Love 2:33
According to DLRP, the current tracks played (but see the notes following the listing) are:

01/ When You Wish Upon A Star

02/ Alice In Wonderland

03/ Heigh Ho

04/ Chim Chim Cheree

05/ Be Our Guest

06/ So This Is Love

07/ Hi Diddle De Dee

08/ Bella Notte

09/ I'm Wishing

10/ The Work Song

11/ Once Upon A Dream

12/ Part Of Your World

13/ Whistle While You Work

14/ Second Star To The Right

15/ Give A Little Whistle

16/ Baby Mine

17 You Can Fly

18/ A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

19/ Gaston

20/ Someday My Prince Will Come

21/ I Wonder

22/ Feed The Birds

Now for the bad news. :D

Transcribed from a full live recording, there are FOUR more tracks that are not in the official listing.

Colours of the wind (between tracks 07 and 08),

A Whole New World (between tracks 09 and 10),

Hakuna Matata (between tracks 16 and 17),

Prince Ali (between tracks 18 and 19).

There are, in fact, 26 tracks in the full loop (not 22 as stated in the official listing).
See, official lists can be wrong or out of date. The listing was provided in July 2009 and the live reference recording in September 2009.
Live recordings provide a permanent record of what was playing on a specific date which can then be compared with future recordings.

Full running time is 64:56

I have had to amend this blog as a result of a conversation with a CM.
Previously I had said:

"All tracks are played on Big Nelly, the fairground organ by punch cards.
An American Carousel Organ in Paris is where you can hear her play non-Disney stuff - and buy the tracks if you like. ;)
Big Nelly plays two sets of punch cards (one playing while one rewinding) so it's not possible to vary the sequence or order of play".

It seems that Big Nelly is no more. The "live" music has now been replaced with a recorded loop (as listed, I listened to it and confirmed that the supplied listing was correct as at August 2009).
The two circular spaces that held the drums are empty and the CM was not aware that, in 1992 and for some years after that, the music was played by the fairground organ.

Big Nelly.jpg

The drums are clearly shown in the photograph.

I was unable to find out when the change from live to recorded music was made nor what happened to the works but I suspect that they may have been removed as no linkage to the space where the drums were is visible plus the fact that the CMs were not aware of it.
A great shame but Big Nelly has now followed Arthur's carousel and Cinderellas into the 21st century and the pleasure of the live fairground organ in Disney parks has ended.
Comparing the sounds, it's possible that the loop was made from Big Nelly as it sounds different from the other carousels.
One supposes that the cost of the upkeep of a live organ would be rather high.
I do have some video recordings from the early 90's when the organ played and, certainly, some (if not most) of the present tunes were played. The sound today is similar although lacking the vibrancy of the live music (and nearly being deafened each time you went past her). :)
As it's probable that the loop is made from recordings of Big Nelly, there's no source CD available, I'm afraid as the music has not been released.
It's obvious that the use of recorded music allows Disney to alter the loop quite easily to include more recent tunes.