"Lady and The Tramp" Soundtrack (1962) on Cassette

A few weeks ago, I was at a flea market and guess what I found a cassette tape of "Lady and the Tramp". That cassette came out around 1985 or 1986 and it was on the Disneyland label at the time before it became Walt Disney Records in the early 1990's. It was a reissue of the original LP on the Disneyland label from 1962 featuring Tutti Camarata and his Orchestra along with Teri York and Bob Grabeau. Teri sang "What Is a Baby?", "La-La-Lu", and "He's A Tramp". She also harmonized on "Siamese Cat Song" and "Peace on Earth" where she mixed with "Silent Night" in the background. Bob Grabeau sang "Bella Notte" on that album. All of these songs are rare and it was a 1962 re-recording of the original 1955 Disney film except "Home Sweet Home" was on that one done by the Mellomen. I usually had it on cassette a long time ago on a red cassette shell, but I lost it, but it took a long time to find the same exact title on cassette. These are just the 1962 Carmarata recording, not the original Oliver Wallace score except "Home Sweet Home". I also have it on CD from 1997 has all the original Oliver Wallace score from the film but the original 1962 Disneyland version was locked in the vault or maybe the original 1962 recordings are vanished, but it's very hard to find on Ebay and in flea markets, but it's a real collector's item.

I guess Randy Thornton would be happy to bring the 1962 recordings of "Lady and the Tramp" to iTunes someday. Maybe.


Some more details about that studio recording posted some time ago by Greg of Walt Disney Records fame!

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The 1962 LADY AND THE TRAMP "studio cast" album conducted by Tutti Camarata is on CD as part of the Wonderland Music CD burning system at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. You get all eight songs and the artwork from the DQ-1231 version you have pictured above (what I affectionately call the "beach ball" cover).

If you order the CD at the Parks, it's called "Lady and the Tramp Songs" as opposed to "Lady and the Tramp Soundtrack," which is also on their list.

By the way, the album cover has a slight error, which we discovered as we interviewed Teri York for MOUSETRACKS. She did not recall singing "What is a Baby?" and "Peace on Earth," and upon closer attention, we realized that it is Marilyn Hooven on those tracks, even though the cover listing credits Teri. Also, the "Siamese Cat Song" is listed on some covers as by "Si and Am," while the Wonderland CD correctly credits Robie Lester.