Klaus Badelt & POTC


the following interview was on laughing place with Klaus Badelt, who wrote the music for the POTC movie.

LP: What was it like to compose music for something that already has a famous score from the attraction?

Klaus Badelt: I never went to Disneyland before. I never saw, I never took a ride. So we didn't want to do anything like a Pirate Movie. I looked at Johnny
Depp's character and thought rock and roll let's do it.

LP: So you wanted to make it your own, take it to the next level?

Badelt: Yeah, exactly. Like you know the average pirate movie that's been done before, I mean the traditional one. Its a new millennium so its just
something new.


I think that's so stupid. if there's one thing famous abot pirates it's its music. You can addopt Yo Ho easily to an epic theme... and it would sound great if you ask me...
Going by some of the recent posts, it looks like the Pirates' score is causing some controversy. I've certainly heard of this artistic approach before, having someone not familiar with the subject at hand composing the accompanying musical score in order to achieve a so-called fresh interpretation--risky business, especially involving something as revered as much as Pirates of the Caribbean(by me, anyway). But, I'm going to try and be non-judgmental without having even heard the music.....but, "rock and roll"? I hope he was only speaking figuratively, and not literally.....we'll see(and hear) soon enough.