Kitchen Kabaret Lobby Music...


I just got my hands on some Kitchen Kabaret Lobby music but Ive noticed that it is in 2 differnt styles. One is a ragtime piano...(playing songs like Aint Misbehavin).

The other is a Ragtime Band (actually the better loop I think). But my question is...why are there two different styles of music?? Is it just somthing obvious like they changed the music 5 years into the shows run?

Also, Does anyone happen have the names of the songs on either one or both of the loops. I recognize about 3 of the songs and really only know 2 names (the other is Anything Goes)

thanks for your time!


Also, does anyone remember when Mr Mayonaise was replaced by Mr Spagetti Sauce?

Id heard that due to Mr Mayo's drug overdose, the Kitchen Krackpots had to do a quick replacement of their drummer. They called on Mr Spagetti Sauce, friend (and rumored) long time companion of Mr Parmesan Cheese (The "panjo" player in the group).

Of course, I could have just made that up ;)

But does anyone know when this happened? The picture I saw of him was really weird, it was odd to see basically a repainted Mr Mayo at drums. I felt like I was looking at Tokyo's Kitchen Kabaret...except they dont have one :)


Don't have an exact answer on the Mr. Mayo question, but this topid did come up previously on some other Disney board. At that time, the best we could figure out was...somewhere between Dec. 92 and Sept. 93.

The only evidence we found for this was a Usenet post by someone in Sept. 93 describing the changes he'd seen since his last WDW trip in Dec. 92. Obviously, not the most reliable of sources, but it fit with people's memories, and it's the best we could do...


you now Scott~

Im aquiring more KK lobby music and somthing interesting came up. On the track list I received it said that there were actually 2 rooms to wait in. One that is themed to a back ally street scene, and one with purple walls with food shaped tiles...but I have no recollection of this one...

Im thinking its really just two different music tracks from different times in the attractions exsistance.

It seems like the music was placed in because Swing music was so popular for a while, what better place to incorporate that then in the waiting area of a 1930's style nightclub/cabaret show.

Of course they could have gone all the way and made Bonnie a drugged out bisexual MC ala Alan Cummings, with all the characters in their underwear and garters and singing about money and sex (and of course good Nutrition!)

Im just waiting for the VH1 Behind the Music special on The Kitchen Krackpots-then all will be revealed...
There are two different waiting rooms. The first one is right off the eating area at The Land. It has food trivia, stuff about eating healthy, different smells, etc, etc, etc. After that room there is another room that is set up like a back alley of a theatre. Or a front alley, your choice. The last many times I have been there, there was no real line for either persay, so most people probally never notice the first room, or that there is a difference in music. Hope that helps,

I remember the first room being virtually empty, with posters of the acts (no characters) and a MOON clock, repainted to be a banana.

The Stage Entrance, Doors, Lights, and starry entrance in the Second Queue area in Food Rocks comes directly to KK. Except it was all themed as if you were in a city, with buildings all around. Very clever.

As for Mayo, he was repainted sometime when Kraft lost its sponsorship, I believe, or at least in 1993 - the BBQ sauce also was repainted green and became Salad Dressing.


How strange I have no recollection of a first room (or a smell trivia room). I remember the Cityscape but I thought you entered that right from the lower level of The Food Court. Did you have to go through one to get to the other?

When we went to Food Rocks a couple years ago (dont even get me started on THAT) I was sad to see that the city room had been taken out and a simple activity room with "food pyramids" and food groups exhibites (and trivia too I imagine though we pretty much went right into the show)...It is just such an inferior attraction now, it makes me sad.

Also Grizzly, Whats this about Barbeque Sauce be repainted as well? Weird....Id like to see what he look like green :)
Mayo is weird enough.

And speaking of all this...Who exactly ARE the Kitchen Krackpots? I mean Mayo, Mustard, and Parmesan Cheese are obvious. But is that Bar-b-que Sauce or Ketchup? Adn who is the piano player? My epcot book says Salsa, but Ive also heard Pepper...arrghhh

Members of the Kitchen Krackpots...

Mr. Salsa: The lead player on the Cocoa piano on matches. He is the only character to speak from the Kitchen Krackbots band. Besides Bonnie, he has the first and last last solo lines of the entire show.

Mr. Mayonnaise: Probably the most popular Krackpot, he plays on the Tuna and Beets cans. His contents were changed to spaghetti sauce in 1993.

Mr. BBQ Sauce: Although he turned less spicy to salad dressing in 1993, Mr. BBQ sauce has enjoyed playing bass on the egg beater.

Mr. Parmesain Cheese: Adding a nice country/American twang to the Krackpots, Mr. Cheese played the pan from 1982 to 1994.

Mr. Mustard: Mustard had the pleasure of playing the straw from 1982-1994. He is often known for his spinning and moving from side to side. You just can't control him!

Most of the Krackpots are in the Magic Kingdom's Haunted Mansion storage area, writing music. They were just joined by the Bananas who spent months in Haunted Mansion in the Servant Quarters.

The upper half of the Krackpots risers are used by the Peach Boys.


Well, heres to waiting for a reunion album...who knows, one day maybe we'll see that "Still Kracked after All these Years" album they have been promising since the show ended.

That and the U.S. Tour as well. Of course it wont be the same without Mr Mayo and Mr BBQ sauce.



On a side note, I thought it was Mr Mayo who had all the lines in the show. The KrackPots seem like a drummer lead band, like Genesis or the Max Weinberg 7.

Of course I could be wrong...
When we went to Food Rocks a couple years ago (dont even get me started on THAT) I was sad to see that the city room had been taken out and a simple activity room with "food pyramids" and food groups exhibites (and trivia too I imagine though we pretty much went right into the show)...It is just such an inferior attraction now, it makes me sad.

The room with the food pyramids and stuff is the same room that I said had the smells and stuff. The second room is what I consider city scape (we may have conflicting concepts of city scape) but that is the back alley type waiting place) Never really waited in there, always played with the trivia and stuff if there was a wait, and then ran in once the line started moving.

Its very possible that the first room used to be virtually empty. It's been a while since I saw Kitchen Kabaret, so I dunno what it was like then, but I know it currently has trivia and smell boxes and such. Nutrition info.
You do enter off the Land food court area. In the back corner where the gift shop is, directly to the right of that is the exit, and to the right of that is the waiting rooms. Typical Disney line manipulation. Several different parts to the queue so you think you are getting close.

Anyone have pictures to settle this? (Not that it matters. ; ) )


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There were/are two waiting rooms. You walked through one to get to the other. In the Kitchen Kabaret days, the first one was, as was said, mostly purple walls with posters of the acts. This is where the piano music played. On very busy days, a chain seperated this room from the other for crowd control purposes. In the latter years of the show, you walked directly through this room to the second waiting area.

The second room was the cityscape with the buidlings and theater facade. This is where the uptempo jazz combo music was played.


I really miss the original version of this great attraction. I hear that the whole theater will be torn out to make way for the que for the "Flying Over California" theater.
A great attraction that REALLY needs a new film attached to it to fit into "The Land." Leave it to Disney to rehash an existing attraction and trash a classic. The flying effect is GREAT though!

;D Thought you all might enjoy this picture!!! ;D



OH! I want a Kitchen Kabaret moon clock! :(

SFMike, That picture has been my wallpaper for many a moon......clock? ;)

Now Im hearing that Food Rocks is going away, and the show area is being scraped to make an entrance for the new Soarin' ride in the Land :p