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If only 'spell check' were an option on the board. . .
It wouldn't do a darn bit of good for those who don't know the difference between hear/here, it's/its, their/there/they're, to/too, you're/your, etc., etc.

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I am a professor of sticking to the point and not avading the issue at hand by checking my spelling, from the university of being offended by your rude comments. I have a slight learning disability and spelling is not one of my stronger subjects, but thanks for correcting me.


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Bill said:
Wait...I know some students at that university.? Do you know disneyphilip?? wdwguy08? of hands...who is NOT offended by me?
Nah, I think I was "offended" by you once, but it very quickly passed.? Maybe because I know you, I know what to expect.? To be honest, it's very often funny, in an uncomfortable way.? Like watching the train-wreck auditions on American Idol or some other competition reality show.? So long story short...*raises hand*.


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Bill said:
You know, could have just raised your didn't need to air all our dirty laundry...

Watch your could be next...
Yes...I could have, but where's the fun in that?? I ain't a-sceered 'a you!



Prof. Emelius: you are "new" here, but, if you stay long enough you'll note real fast that our dear poster Bill is a true Disney fan AND iconoclast! But he does it with FLAIR and humour so, most old timers do know him and don't take offense anymore!

Actually, Bill gets quite a kick when we do take offense; so, even he might allude that "no, you can't", you are entitled to have an opinion and not feel ashamed about it!

I do like that Kids' LP that I found in L.A. in the early seventies, and, boy, was I thrilled!
Now, the Kids at WDW do not sing LIVE most of the time, while, obviously, their Californian ancestors did!


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I found one of the Kids online and received a bit of info from him....thought I'd share; it was in response to me telling him I found a copy of the album but couldn't find more info on the kids themselves....

Are you serious? I thought all of those albums had turned to dust years ago! Seriously though, I, of course, have a copy myself. It's hard to believe we were all ever that young.

Most of the original group were members of The Young Americans (that whiter-than-white, flag-waving patriotic singing group that performed a lot with Johnny Mathis and Kate Smith. YIKES!!!)

I'm pretty sure Barnette Ricci is still working for Disney. She was our choreographer and a member of the group, and she continued to work for Disney as a choreographer for decades. Right after that first summer, she hired me, plus two other guys and two women to be dancers for a season on the "All American College Show," the precursor to "American Idol"!!!

I haven't worked that bone-crushingly hard since that summer. We did somewhere around 500 shows in three months, plus an album and a concert at the Hollywood Bowl. By the end of the summer, only four or five of us (out 16) could still sing. Luckily, I was one of them. Everyone else had blown their voices out.

It was quite an experience working for "The Mouse" for a take home pay of $115.00 per week, on a union contract!!! I got strep throat in the middle of the summer and, with a fever of 104, missed the last show (out of 6)one day. Disney pro-rated the value of that performance and deducted the amount from my next paycheck!

It wasn't all bad. We did have some fun and got to see the "real" (read kinky, sometimes weird) side of Disney that most people never even really hear about.

This year is the Kids' 40th Anniversary!!! I have no idea if Disney plans to do anything, but it would be kinda cool, huh?

And yes, I love the album....pure cheesiness at its best...


? Well, thank you for that remembrance!

? Quote:
? " the "real" side of Disney" !!!

? Aaah! People sure like to fantasize about what goes on "backstage"! Well, cast members are real people and, even if they work for Disney, they remain people like anyone working anywhere: Disney backstage life is what employees make it! It's not worse or any better than anywhere else... NOT even kinkier ...

It's just the "real" world there too. Sometimes, trust me, it's even ... blander.



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That was awesome! Thanks for posting that great info from a former "Kid". It would be fun to see this cheery group reunite after 40 years... The Mousketeers did it at Disneyland for their 50th so why cant the Kids reunite for their 40th?

I'm so glad I asked about this album... I have learned so much on this site! Thanks everyone!

Off topic, but there is a Disneyland Band LP on ebay too! Does anyone have some great info on that album?
The lady with the incredible eyelashes on the cover is none other than Barnette Ricci, director of Fantasmic!

BTW, The Archies rule.
Actually, this just might be better! :D